Instructions for using new microwave to buy properly

Do you know how to use a microwave to buy it properly? The following article will show all the best experiences of using new microwave ovens for reference.

Microwave ovens integrate a lot of handy features, which are increasingly used in families. However, not everyone knows how to use a microwave to buy it properly. The following article will detail the issues you need to keep in mind to help use microwave ovens to ensure absolute safety.

1. Location of microwave installation

You need to put the microwave in a reasonable position in the kitchen for the most convenient use. Microwave should be placed in a flat, airy position. Do not leave the device in a place with high humidity or where moisture accumulates.

Especially, do not place microwave ovens near heat-generating devices such as ovens, gas cookers, electric rice cookers because they are easy to cause fire and explosion.

The microwave oven has a high capacity, so it is necessary to use separate power lines to ensure electrical safety. When there is an incident, it is easier to unplug. Only use microwave oven in accordance with the power source specified in the specifications.

When installing the microwave oven, note the following criteria:

  1. Elevation from the floor up to microwave placement at least 80cm.
  2. The microwave oven is 10 - 15 cm away from the wall.
  3. The top of the furnace must be 40 cm away from the cabinet or ceiling.
  4. Do not remove the base of the microwave oven.
  5. Also, place a microwave oven away from television and radio. Microwave ovens can weaken the signal waves of these devices, causing common interference.

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2. Note to use microwave oven to buy

Foods to note when using with microwave oven

  1. You must not boil eggs or heat eggs when not peeled because they will cause an explosion that damages the microwave oven. Exploding eggs will shoot in the furnace chamber, firing on the lights, the resistance of the furnace is very difficult to clean.
  2. When you want to heat the sausage in the microwave, you need to poke holes in the shell to prevent it from exploding.
  3. Do not cook canned foods in the microwave because the pressure in the canister is very high.
  4. Absolutely do not make popcorn with microwave oven.

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Which food containers are suitable for use with microwave ovens

Not all containers can be used in microwave ovens. If used incorrectly can directly affect human health. So this is a problem that cannot be taken lightly.

Plastic food containers:

People often think it is plastic, any box can be used with a microwave oven. However, this concept is wrong. If the plastic box does not guarantee that heating in the microwave will cause deformation of the box, the plastic will melt into the food, eating long time will cause illness.

So when you buy a box you can rely on identifiable signs such as a microwave box or a "microwave-safe" or "microwavable" box that will ensure absolute safety.

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Box with glass material:

Most glass boxes can be used in microwave ovens. However, to ensure safety as well as durability you should choose to buy a thick glass box, do not buy a thinly designed glass box.

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Ceramic porcelain box:

Ceramic food containers and dishes can all be used in microwave ovens. However, when using, you need to avoid boxes or dishes with many patterns to avoid chemical reactions because decorations often contain lead. 

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Some other important notes when using a new wave oven to buy

  1. Do not arbitrarily repair the microwave oven when there is a problem. Need to bring to the repair center to be checked and listen to their advice.
  2. When the microwave is in operation, you should not stand facing the oven door to ensure safety for your health.
  3. Do not operate the microwave oven when there is no food in the oven compartment or there is no turntable.
  4. Each dish will have different warming times, you need to learn this problem thoroughly to avoid overheating of food too long, leading to fire.
  5. Do not use stainless steel containers to heat food because microwave rays will bounce back when encountered metal and cause an arc fire phenomenon.

With the above useful information will help those who have no experience know how to use the microwave when buying new to ensure high safety.