10 taboo things when using a microwave

For those who have not had much experience in using microwave oven, please pay attention to 10 taboo things when using the microwave below to know how to use the microwave properly.

Do you know what problems to use when using a microwave oven? The following article will show you the 10 most taboo absolutely not used with a microwave to help prolong the life of the oven while ensuring safety for health.

Taboo housewives need to know when using a microwave

1. Do not fry food in the microwave

You should not fry food in the microwave because the temperature of the microwave is very high, if the grease splashes out, it will cause a fire in the oven, exploding the microwave oven is very dangerous for the house and the lives of people. use. If the oven is accidentally burned, you need to unplug it immediately and never open the oven door to view it.

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2. Do not use metal utensils to cook in the microwave

Absolutely do not use metal materials in the microwave. Because cooking or reheating microwaves will not penetrate the metal that is reflected back into the furnace wall, heating around, leading to fire, damage to the oven and seriously affecting people standing around .

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3. Do not put ordinary plastic in the microwave

Some types of materials, such as porcelain, glass and plastic, can be used in microwave ovens. But not all plastic materials can be used with microwave ovens. You should choose a dedicated plastic box used in the microwave to ensure safety for food and health offline.

The sign of plastic can be used in microwave ovens often has "microwave-safe" or "microwavable".

4. Do not open the door when the microwave is in use

When the oven is rotating you must not open the oven door to avoid the possibility of missing hot food shot at the person causing the burn. In addition, microwave ovens emit microwave rays when used, so there is a need to stop the microwave beams to spread out to protect the user's health.

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5. Microwave defrosted fish meat must not be brought back into the storage refrigerator

Food after thawing in the microwave needs to be processed, not put into the freezer of the next storage refrigerator. This is a mistake to avoid because the defrosted meat when put into the freezer will no longer be fresh, eating will not be good, but losing nutrients. Also thawed meat into the freezer will cause bacteria to multiply many times faster, not good for health.

So before defrosting you need to estimate the amount of food to cook before proceeding to thaw. It is best to split the meat before putting it in the freezer for storage.

6. Boil water in the microwave

Microwave oven has a high capacity so it boils very quickly. However, due to the high temperature, the boiled water often fires and spills out, so it is easy to burn the hand when taking the cup. To ensure safety, the user should put a lid or wooden stick in the cup to disperse the heat.

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7. It is forbidden to sterilize cloth towels with a microwave oven

This is a serious mistake to stop immediately. Because cloth is a very flammable material, absolutely not used in microwave oven.

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8. Do not place the microwave on the top of the refrigerator or the oven

The microwave oven should be placed in a well-ventilated place to escape heat more efficiently. Even if your family has a tight space, you should not save space by placing a microwave on the top of a refrigerator, an oven or near a gas stove. Because if placed incorrectly, it will reduce the life of the oven and cause fire and explosion.

You need to put the oven about 10 - 15 cm away from the wall, put the oven at a height of about 80cm above the ground.

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9. Limit food cover when cooking or reheating

When rotating or cooking food, you should open the lid of the container to avoid causing pressure in the box to increase, when the temperature increases, it will cause an explosion.

10. Do not use plastic bags directly into food

This is the thing to avoid because plastic bags directly attached to food when exposed to high temperatures will create toxic substances absorbed into food, long-term eating will lead to cancer. So you need to put the food in a plastic box, a porcelain or glass box, and then wrap the plastic bag out to help keep it cool, making the heat spread evenly.

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Here are 10 taboos to avoid when using the microwave you need to remember to avoid unnecessary risks.