Should I buy the best brand microwave oven between Sharp, Panasonic, Electrolux?

Microwave ovens have many brands, so which brand is the best to choose? Electrolux Sharp microwave oven, Panasonic microwave oven, Electrolux microwave oven are 3 best microwave brands today.

Microwave ovens have a lot of manufacturing brands that make consumers unaware of which microwave ovens to choose to ensure durability. 3 microwave brands that share below are the best microwave brands today.

Why buy microwave oven to use?

The microwave oven has a lot of useful features for your cooking:

Heating function

Instead of putting in a stainless steel pot to heat it will take a lot of time and work, you just need to put the food in the microwave to spin it only takes a few minutes without losing the nutrients and flavor inherent in the food.

Cooking function

A number of microwave ovens are pre-installed with a variety of automatic cooking modes to help you prepare a variety of nutritious and delicious dishes for your family, improving the menu further.

Defrost function

This is a function that is used a lot in daily cooking. This function helps you thaw frozen foods quickly.

Defrosting (defrosting over time): You can choose defrosting time and after the time runs out you can take the food out for processing.

Quick defrost by weight: With this feature you only need to select the amount of kg of thawed food, the microwave can automatically adjust the capacity and time accordingly.

Steam function

The food that is steamed in the microwave will be very soft, moist and not dry, so it will taste better. The steaming feature of the microwave is very suitable for steaming dumplings, dumplings, steaming dumplings, .

Grill function

Baked food is a favorite dish of many people. Understand that some firms have integrated baking functions in a microwave oven.

Grilled mechanical microwave oven will help you make extremely delicious and attractive baked dishes. When grilling poultry or microwaveable meats, the skin is very crispy, the meat inside is soft and not dry.

Automatic cooking menu function

This function is only available in electronic microwave ovens. With the automatic cooking menu will help you cook faster, save cooking time.

Top 3 best microwave brands today

1. Electrolux microwave oven

Microwave Electrolux is produced on the modern technology of Sweden, so it has high durability, easy to use and save electricity, so it is very popular with customers. Electrolux microwave oven products quickly heat, with automatic rotating disc, non-stick oven cavity for cleaning.

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2. Sharp microwave oven

The biggest strength of the microwave oven Sharp is cheap, quality guaranteed goods. This is a reputable brand from Japan that has a strong foothold in the Asian and European and American markets.

Although it is a microwave in the low price segment, the features are not inferior to well-known microwave brands. Especially, Sharp's microwave oven is also integrated with baking features, bringing many conveniences for users, saving costs without having to buy more ovens.

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Sharp microwave ovens are coated with external electrostatic paint, the furnace chamber is made of stainless steel, withstands the force, good heat resistance and easy to clean after use. Some types of microwave oven Sharp also equipped with panel lock feature to help ensure safety when families have young children.

3. Panasonic microwave oven

This is a more advanced microwave line, so the price is a bit higher. However, it is often not wrong, but expensive but the time to use it is long, less hot is more preferable to buy cheap but it can be used in a short time.

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Therefore, Panasonic is also a brand of microwave ovens that are rated well for quality.

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