Top 5 DANGEROUS VIRUS types that you need to be wary of in 2021

WARNING you about 5 new extremely dangerous viruses that you need to be vigilant about to avoid losing data as well as online accounts, bank accounts ..

Well, perhaps the terms such as virus, trojan, malware, . are too familiar to computer users already!

These are all softwares, but they're malware. Today, technology is evolving, and viruses are constantly evolving, it is getting smarter and more dangerous .

Hackers also tend to develop and use new and more dangerous viruses to cause more harm to the user.

They may use these malware to access or attack your computer to steal sensitive data, such as financial documents, online accounts, and bank accounts. row…

So in this article, let's learn about the top 5 viruses that users should be wary of in 2021 and in the coming years.

1. Clop Ransomware

Top 5 DANGEROUS VIRUS types that you need to be wary of in 2021 Picture 1

Ransomware is a very malicious software that once infected, it will encrypt all the files on your computer. And of course, to redeem data, you have to pay a hacker money to get the decryption key.

Clop is a 'variant' of the Ransomware Cryptomix and its target is Windows computers.

This is a dangerous virus because it will proceed to block more than 600 processes in Windows operating system before encrypting files.

Files cannot be opened with regular applications. Organizations with poor security or Windows operating system not patched will be the primary target of Clop Ransomware.

2. Zeus Gameover

Top 5 DANGEROUS VIRUS types that you need to be wary of in 2021 Picture 3

Don't get confused with Mr. Zeus in Greek mythology. ᵔᴥᵔ This is some kind of trojan. Its job is to steal users' online accounts and financial passwords.

When attacking, the virus disguises itself and accesses your bank account, then transfers all the funds to a standalone server. It is a variant of the Zeus virus family.

In a way, it spreads through attacks or phishing and connects infected machines into a botnet, allowing its owner to remotely control criminal activities.

3. Fake Windows Update

Top 5 DANGEROUS VIRUS types that you need to be wary of in 2021 Picture 5

This is a method that hackers use very often, hackers will send you an email informing you: the operating system you are using needs to be updated with new security patches.

Ransomware is disguised as legitimate updates (known as Cyborg virus). Hackers will target users who are not very knowledgeable about how Microsoft sends updates, so they will easily trust and click on this malicious link.

And the consequences when you click on these * .exe (executable) links. It will take control of your computer and quietly encrypt your data.

And obviously, you can't access those important files anymore, until you pay the ransom to the attacker (usually Bitcoin money).

4. Fleeceware

Top 5 DANGEROUS VIRUS types that you need to be wary of in 2021 Picture 7

This is a virus that usually attacks cell phones. It often spoofs apps and when downloaded, for example - you'll 'get a chance' to try it out for free before you pay, click here to receive a gift… or something like that .

Of course, even after you have removed the app, it will still proceed with auto checkout. In the world, there are about 600 million Android users who are 'infected' with this virus without their knowledge, it works very quietly, without any noise.

5. News Malware

Top 5 DANGEROUS VIRUS types that you need to be wary of in 2021 Picture 9

Most people want the fastest daily news in their area of ​​interest. CyberCriminals are viruses that will send you a news email in the form of a link.

For example, if you are concerned about the Covid-19 epidemic, for example, it will disguise itself as a link displaying a title related to this issue and send it to your email.

This is a virus attack to steal sensitive data on your device. Therefore, it is best not to click on links that you do not know is from which page to send.

6. Conclusion

Well, here are 5 extremely dangerous viruses that you need to know to limit the level of infection for your device.

Currently, there are many dangerous viruses that can attack and paralyze your entire computer system. Large organizations can still be hacked, even if they have adopted many high-level security measures.

It is important that you have yourself in place to protect your sensitive data from Internet threats.

Make sure your computer comes preinstalled  with  reliable anti-virus software to protect your data and device from attacks from these malicious software!