Top 5 Android JRPG games worth playing 2021

JRPG is a Japanese role-playing game, featuring characteristics from the culture of the country of cherry blossoms in the story, gameplay and design style. If you are looking for the top JRPG games for Android worth playing 2021, these are the ideal choices for you.

What exactly is JRPG? You can simply understand it as a Japanese role-playing game, but not necessarily made in Japan. Basically, the JRPG represents a specific role-playing style that originally emerged from the country of the rising sun.

Classic Japanese role-playing games often feature a character cast of anime characters, a deep combat system, and a plot filled with intriguing details and intrigue. In general, every good JRPG game is a work of art, making players infatuated. In this article, will share with you the top best JPRG games for Android in 2021.

5. Another Eden

One of the best Japanese RPGs right now is Another Eden . The whole concept was designed by Masato Kato, the creator of hit titles like Chrono Trigger, Xenogears and Final Fantasy VII. If you have not experienced this game, do not hesitate anymore, download Another Eden and get started right away because it inherits the spirit of the above works, combined with beautiful comic style visuals, system Awesome turn-based combat, diverse character cast and friendly Gacha mechanics.

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Highlights of Another Eden:

- Start a journey through space and time to save the future.

- An epic timeless story, from Ancient, Present to Future, crafted by master Masato Kato (Chrono Trigger).

Rich content with classic and modern gameplay.

Download Another Eden here

4. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Most Final Fantasy games are available on mobile platforms, and it's hard to pick a standout game from that list. decided to choose Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition because it is built on 3D graphics with a cast of characters designed in a funny chibi style.

Like other games in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition takes you on a journey to fight the evil forces to save the kingdom of Prince Noctis and his companions.

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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition features:

- Explore the world of Final Fantasy fifteenth with royal Noctis and friends.

- Fight, complete missions in 10 fascinating chapters.

- Beautiful 3D graphics, cute chibi characters.

- Control the lineup of iconic Final Fantasy characters.

Download Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition here .

3. Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest VIII is one of the critically acclaimed and best-selling games in the mobile Dragon Quest series, so it deserves a place in the top JRPG games for Android.

The story of Dragon Quest VIII is simple but makes the game interesting: as the son or daughter of the revered hero Ortega, the player teamed up with 3 people, following in his father's footsteps in the journey. rescue the world from evil forces.

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Highlights of Dragon Quest III:

- Freedom to customize the character and team up to fight your dreams.

- Experience the epic RPG experience with over 30 hours of gameplay with additional features not included in the original version.

- Explore dungeons and other locations after completing the main quest.

Download Dragon Quest VIII here .

2. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is one of the best JRPGs ever made, with a fantasy time travel storyline and an excellent combat system. With the recent upgrade, Chrono Trigger is even better than before. From distant planets to dark forests, from present, medieval to future, prehistoric and ancient times, the game takes you anywhere you can imagine.

You build a lineup of 3 characters and battle enemies in different dungeons, collecting items that can help you on your long journey, while avoiding loads of dangerous obstacles, and unlocking Skills for character to increase strength and unleash massive damage attacks.

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Chrono Trigger highlights:

- Start a journey to different eras: present, medieval, future, prehistoric and ancient times.

- Team up with 3 people to explore the dangerous Dimensional Vortex and Lost Sanctum dungeons.

- More than 50 different types of combos can be deployed between 2 or 3 characters.

- The story is engaging, the graphics and sound are vivid.

Download Chrono Trigger here .

1. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is the latest JPRG game on this list, with gameplay similar to Breath of the Wild. Genshin Impact was created by Chinese developer miHoYo, but its JRPG roots are evident in so many aspects. With beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay, Genshin Impact has made the gaming community feverish in recent times. In the game, you collect a variety of characters, explore a vast open world and fight enemies in dungeons across the different lands of Teyvat.

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Highlights of Genshin Impact:

- Beautiful graphics, rich cast of characters with skills and individuality.

- Mastering 7 elements including: Hydro, Pyro, Electro, Anemo, Geo, Dendro and Cryo.

Quality combat system, unique hunting, gathering, cooking mechanism.

- Multi-device support and multiple languages.

Download Genshin Impact here .

There are many good Japanese role-playing games on the market and here are 5 of the most worth playing options today that you should not ignore. Each game has its own unique features, immersing players for hours in the world and the adventure it brings.