Icon =)), :)),: 3,: v, ^^ What is it? When to use?

The following article will answer the meaning of the symbols =)), :)),: 3,: v, ^^ common so you can keep pace with all conversations offline.

Chat tools like Facebook, Zalo, Skype or Viber have become an integral part of the lives of not only teenagers, but also many middle-aged people. The conversation will become more interesting and authentic with the participation of symbols and characters, making it easier for you to express your feelings to the other person.

The number of emoticons increased rapidly along with the development of social networks. Therefore, there are many emoticons we often encounter without fully understanding its meaning. You will be afraid if you have to ask the sender what the emoticon is, if you do not ask and misunderstand, the conversation will turn in an unexpected direction. This is indeed disastrous.

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  2. Facebook icons, Facebook special characters, Facebook emojis are unknown
  3. How to quickly type Facebook emoticons

To help you solve this problem, the following article will address the meaning of the symbols =)), :)),: 3,: v, ^^ common so you can keep pace with all conversations. let's talk

Icon =)), :)),: 3,: v, ^^ What is it? When to use? Picture 1
Popular emoticons and their meanings

1. The meaning of icon =)),:))

If you belong to the 8x generation, 9x early, it will surely be very familiar with this =)) and :)). They were used a lot in most of the conversations on Yahoo Messenger, the classic chat application of the 2000s.

Icon =)), :)),: 3,: v, ^^ What is it? When to use? Picture 2
Icon =)) on the left and :)) on the right

=)) is a shortcut for a smile icon rolling on the floor, a broken laugh (laugh), :)) is a shortcut for laughing, laughing happily, laughing can not be closed mouth in Yahoo Messenger. Although Yahoo was no longer popular and was killed, the typing of these keys has become so familiar, and deep in the mind, that people still use it on other chat applications. =)) and :)) Now don't show 2 smileys like gif above, but everyone can understand the meaning. In addition, these 2 icons are also used to make fun of the opponent about something.

2. Meaning of the icon: 3

Icon =)), :)),: 3,: v, ^^ What is it? When to use? Picture 3

You look: 3 do the face of a cute cat? If I remember correctly: 3 appeared on Facebook for the first time, but the cat face that shortcut: 3 created was available on comic books and cartoons from before. Those are the faces of anime characters when they say something smart, sarcastic or commenting on something cute.

In addition, 3, also known as a cat face, cute face, is used when trying to do something cute, sometimes even with a sinister smile. Therefore, you should base on the context of the conversation to choose the meaning: 3 best matches.

3. Meaning of icons: v

Icon =)), :)),: 3,: v, ^^ What is it? When to use? Picture 4

A few years ago this icon was heavily used on Facebook. However, it was completely removed from Facebook comments and the chat application Messenger.

: v is a shortcut for a smiley face icon, made up of a v, looks quite similar to Pacman.

: v is often used while discussing / talking about a problem, you are "secretive" but still need to show humor and fun. Therefore, this symbol is often associated with objects, the subject is said to be bland, lack of salt.

: v also means laughing keke, hehe, kaka, or "I don't know anything", "I'm innocent".

4. Symbols ^^

^^ often used at the end of sentences and at the end of messages. You can imagine the two signs ^^ like a pair of eyes are smiling happily (laughing eyes squinting, eyes narrowing, very similar to the eyes of the player Luong Xuan Truong ^^). ^^ simply shows that the person who sent it is laughing, having fun, and being happy.

Above, we explained the basic meaning of common emoticons on Facebook. If you have any questions, please comment at the end of the article.