What kind of thermos can keep the heat for the longest?

Thermos bottle is a common tool used in families, especially families with children, the elderly. So what kind of thermos bottle best today?

Water heater is an indispensable accessory for many people, especially in the harsh weather conditions of the hot and cold seasons in Vietnam. However, you need to find a good thermos bottle to keep the heat well, just for the health. The following article will reveal ways to buy a bottle of heat retention that is best and most suitable for you.

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What does a thermos bottle do?

A thermos bottle is a commonly cylindrical device with a lid, used to hold hot or cold water or drinks. This type of bottle is used very popular for people working, households, especially those with the elderly, the sick or the young.

What kind of thermos can keep the heat for the longest? Picture 1

As the name implies, a thermos bottle is the main task of keeping the drink heat close to the initial temperature after a certain period of time. The better the jar, the longer it can hold the heat.

In addition to the heat-keeping function, you can also use this as a container for regular drinks.

You can do many other things from a small thermos bottle, such as making tea, making coffee, smoothies, etc. Even some types of thermostats are designed to keep the food warm. products such as porridge, soup . It helps you save a lot of time and always have delicious food and drinks to enjoy.

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The thermos bottle is also very convenient when away from work or work, you can bring hot or cold water very convenient to use.

Especially, with a small and beautiful design, it can also become an ideal gift for your relatives and friends.

How is a good thermos bottle?

Consistent with the needs of use

The first thing you need to do is determine what you bought the thermos bottle for? For what purpose? For example, if you only buy to store regular hot, cold water or make coffee and tea, then you should use a regular heater. If you buy to use for other foods such as porridge, soup . then you can choose to keep food thermos.

Material guaranteed

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One important thing that you need to consider when choosing a good thermos bottle is the material of the thermocouple. Typically, all types of thermos are made of stainless steel, while a few are made of plastic. However, the best thermos today are usually made of 304 stainless steel, a durable material, does not rust and does not contain toxic substances. Besides, the lid of the bottle needs to be made of virgin plastic, heat resistant and equipped with silicone gaskets to help keep the lid tightly closed.

Long heat retaining time

Long heat retention time is also a criterion to evaluate the quality of that kind of hot and cold keeping pot. Typically, thermostats are able to retain water heat for a period of 6-8 hours. With good quality thermos can keep water heat from 8-12 hours, even up to 24-48 hours.

The degree of tightness of the lid

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Check the tightness of the lid as it is also a safety criterion when using a thermos bottle, the water carried does not spill or leak out. A best thermos bottle has good gaskets, making sure the jar is tightly closed so that heat doesn't escape. Also, check if it is distorted or bumped during transportation!

Capacity and weight accordingly

The capacity and weight of normal are proportional to each other. Therefore, depending on the purpose of use, you can choose to buy a bottle with a suitable capacity. However, not every day to drink as much water is to choose to buy this type of capacity that much. Usually, a person will need to drink between 1.5-2 liters of water a day. The trick is that you should not choose bottles that are too small, even for personal use only. For example, if you choose a jar with a capacity of 750ml, then you will need about 3 bottles a day.

Design of thermos bottle

The design of the thermos bottle does not say the quality but it also contributes to expressing your personality and style. Therefore, choose the type of bottle with the design, style, color that you love and suitable for your age. That makes you more interested and confident when using it.

What brand of thermos flask?

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If you do not have the ability to self-assess the best type of thermos, we recommend you to choose the brands with large brand, reputation and clear production place to ensure safety. Some of the most popular names in the field of producing thermos cannot fail to mention Elmich, Lock & Lock, Thermos, Carlmann . These are all famous names in the world, with long experience in the field. The production of heat storage bottles is trusted by many consumers.

Top 3 good thermostats to keep the heat for the longest?

Elmich stainless steel bottle 304 750ml S7 2245202 - Reference price: 259,000 VND

What kind of thermos can keep the heat for the longest? Picture 6


  1. Compact design so you can easily carry it into your bag to go to school, work or picnic .
  2. High quality 304 stainless steel both inside and outside, ensuring hygiene, safety and non-toxic.
  3. Structure of 3 layers of keeping heat capable of keeping hot / warm for 6-8 hours, keeping cold up to 24 hours.
  4. The neck of the jar is plastic, equipped with a tight rubber gasket, to prevent leakage of water even when traveling. There is a sanitary lid, which is also a convenient drinking glass. The body of the bottle has a non-slip grip grip to ensure sure.
  5. Easy, convenient, quick cleaning.
  6. Certified health safety according to European standards.

Product specifications:

  1. Net capacity: 750ml
  2. Material: 304 stainless steel
  3. Capacity: Less than 1 liter
  4. Brand: Czech Republic
  5. Country of manufacture: Czech Republic

Elmich thermos for food containers 2246044 - 1 liter - Reference price: VND 399,000

What kind of thermos can keep the heat for the longest? Picture 7


  1. The low shape and wide mouth, convenient to use and take liquid food such as soup, vegetable juice, black bean tea or porridge for babies. In particular, lids can be used to make rice bowls or drink soup very convenient.
  2. Made in the Czech Republic, made from high quality 304 stainless steel, it has high strength, impact resistance, extremely durable over time.
  3. The ability to retain heat for 8 hours without worrying about deodorizing or losing nutrients, the ability to store cold items for 24 hours.
  4. The inner core is revamped with a layer of 304 stainless steel coated with stainless steel, which helps extremely good anti-sticking, and effectively reflects the heat inside.

Product specifications:

  1. Net capacity :: 1 liter
  2. Material bowel jar: Coated silver
  3. Color: Silver black
  4. Material: 304 stainless steel
  5. Capacity: Less than 1 liter
  6. Size: Dimensions including the lid (25cm x 15cm)
  7. Brand: Czech Republic
  8. Country of manufacture: Czech Republic

Stainless steel thermos JMY-500 - Reference price: 1,560,000 VND

What kind of thermos can keep the heat for the longest? Picture 8


  1. Made of stainless steel material, wide mouth makes it easy to put ice in
  2. Easy to clean with safety lock button
  3. Compact design, easy to put into a bag, backpack.
  4. Structure consists of 2 layers of 304 super durable stainless steel, scratch resistant.
  5. Certified to prevent bacteria from entering.
  6. The mouth of the bottle has an open design, is easy to clean, and the lid and the bottom of the bottle have a unique non-slip design.
  7. When holding hot water inside, touch the body of the kettle not hot.
  8. Time to keep heat from 6 hours, keep cold for 14 hours.

Product specifications:

  1. Capacity: Less than 1 liter
  2. Net capacity: 500ml
  3. Brand: Singapoge
  4. Made in: Singapore
  5. 1 year warranty

Above is all the basic information about the thermos bottle and suggest which thermos can be good. Hope it can help you choose the best and most suitable products.

If you want to consult about the price of heat storage bottles you can visit the website META.vn or contact the hotline below for a free consultation:

  1. In Hanoi: No. 56 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay - Tel:
  2. In Ho Chi Minh City: 716-718 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 10, District 10 - Tel:

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