How to Write Fake Reviews

Every business owner must understand that they are at the mercy of their customers. The reviews customers leave can ensure more traffic to your store, or no traffic at all. So, you have to worry about the reviews you get.

However, these reviews are difficult to come by. Customers are not always willing to leave reviews. Some will consider your products or services to be of great quality but not leave you any review.

So, are there ways you can get yourself some good reviews, but not necessarily from your customers? Well, the answer is yes.There is a way you can get yourself fake reviews and boost your sales. Below are some tips on how you can get or write fake reviews.

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Be Believable

While writing a fake reviews, you have to seem legit or real. When people read your reviews, they should not suspect any foul play. They have to believe in what you are saying about your business.

Today, there are many tips that people use to detect fake reviews. So, you have to make sure that your reviews stand out. Do not make it obvious that your review is fake.


Many online review platforms are against fake reviews. When detected, it is possible that your business will be banned from these platforms. So, you need to find ways to cover your tracks.

One of the easiest ways to ensure you will not get caught is to use VPN. The purpose of VPN is to help create false IP addresses. Here, any good VPN will help you create false IP addresses, and hide your real IP address. Once you have done this, you can comfortably write your fake reviews.

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While using VPN, you have to select an IP address that is in the same city as the business you are reviewing. This cautionary message is intended for freelancers. Doing this enhances the credibility of your review.

Have Several Email Addresses

You have already been told that your reviews have to be believable. Remember your online reputation is on the line here. So, you have to make sure everything fits into your plan.

Every review has to be tied to a real account, and from a real user. So, how do you go about getting such? Well, it is easy. You simply need several email addresses. Creating an email address is quite easy. But, you have to be dedicated enough toopen as many as you need.

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The reviews generated with these email addresses have to be enough to attract potential customers. So, you need to have as many as possible. Also, ensure that there is no pattern in the reviews these accounts generate. Each account has to generate a unique review that is believable.

Hire Freelancers

The tips above will need you to spend a lot of time before you have all the reviews you need. So, if you want to contract people to write the fake reviews for you, you should consider freelancers.

Freelancers are professional writers who will deliver quality reviews. If you plan to use a reputation management tool, then you need to have great reviews. This does not mean that all your reviews should be positive. It means that they need to be written in a way that is not obvious to a potential customer.

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There are thousands of freelancers willing to help. But, make sure you are working with professionals who will deliver as you agree. Confidentiality is another factor you have to consider. The people you work with have to be credible, and willing to hide your identity. So, be careful.

Warning. The above article is for reference only. Fake Reviews work can bring bad user experience, and can be abandoned by the community. Please consider carefully before doing that!