How to use Memory Cleaner to release RAM

Memory Cleaner is a software that frees up RAM, optimizes the computer system to speed up operations on computers.

System optimization problem, freeing RAM will now be solved by Memory Cleaner software, with easy to use and easy to use interface and interface. This is a new and unfamiliar issue that is extremely familiar to anyone who uses computers.

After using the computer when installing a lot of software, especially the game will make the computer fall into a sluggish state, start up slower, affect the work. One of the ways to speed up the computer, optimize the system, is to free up RAM. Memory Cleaner has a small capacity, does not occupy much system space. The following article will guide you how to use Memory Cleaner on your computer.

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Instructions for using Memory Cleaner to optimize your computer RAM

Step 1:

We download Memory Cleaner software according to the link below and proceed to install the software. The process of installing Memory Cleaner is very simple.

  1. Download Memory Cleaner PC software

How to use Memory Cleaner to release RAM Picture 1

Step 2:

Before proceeding to install, the software will ask if you want to install a new version of Memory Cleaner, click Yes to automatically.

How to use Memory Cleaner to release RAM Picture 2

Step 3:

Finally click Accept to agree to the terms of the manufacturer.

How to use Memory Cleaner to release RAM Picture 3

Step 4:

The Memory Cleaner installation process will take place the following day at a fast and simple speed.

How to use Memory Cleaner to release RAM Picture 4

Step 5:

Show main Memory Cleaner interface with basic options to free up computer RAM. Here users will have 2 options to optimize the computer system.

  1. Trim Processes' Working Set : this option will reduce the amount of fragmented RAM, application processes that run on the system, and increase the amount of system memory to make the computer work more smoothly.
  2. Clear System Cache : this option will retrieve the amount of RAM from the background programs, some tasks, the program does not use, but still occupy the system capacity to make the computer more stable.

How to use Memory Cleaner to release RAM Picture 5

Step 6:

When clicking on Options , Memory Cleaner software also provides additional options;

  1. Trim processes' working set khi sử dụng với 80%: the software will automatically reduce the amount of software that is consuming memory when using in excess of 80%. For computers with 2GB of RAM, 4GB should be used.
  2. Xóa sạch bộ nhớ hệ thống khi sử dụng qua 80%: the software will automatically clean the cache, cache when using more than 80%.
  3. Trim processes' working set every 5 minutes: set auto function to reduce RAM capacity every 5 minutes.
  4. Clear system cache every 5 minutes: automatically frees up the amount of computer RAM every 5 minutes.
  5. Start Memory Cleaner with Windows: automatically launch the software when the computer is running.
  6. Do not run Memory Cleaner in the background: do not run Memory Cleaner software in the background on the computer.

Depending on the computer status, the user selects the options above.

How to use Memory Cleaner to release RAM Picture 6

In addition, when clicking the Memory Cleaner icon in the system tray, we will have the options to release memory as shown below.

How to use Memory Cleaner to release RAM Picture 7

Memory Cleaner has basic options, focusing on freeing up computers, freeing up RAM, optimizing the system. The software also provides many other options for users to choose to customize the software.

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I wish you success!