How to identify and repel bad breath

Bad breath is a condition that makes you self-deprecate when communicating in life. The following article will show you how to identify and correct bad breath.

Bad breath is a disease that is not life-threatening but it directly affects our daily lives. Bad breath, rotten make you lose confidence when communicating so your quality of life and social relationships greatly affect. If you fall into this situation, you should know for yourself some ways to overcome that situation right away. If the breath smells regularly, the best way to see a doctor is to find out the cause of bad breath such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, smelly food. If you need professional help, make your teeth feel good with avon lake dentist and improve your breath as well.

To repel bad breath, how should you know your halitosis? To identify halitosis we can apply some of the following simple ways.

I. Ways to identify halitosis

1. Smell your breath

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To test the smell of your breath, use your hands, then curl and cover the mouth of the breath in the palm of your hand from the mouth and inhale the smell from your hand. This is quite familiar to us whenever we want to check for halitosis. Will it help you identify exactly if your breath smells?

2. Check by licking the wrist

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In addition to the above, it can also be checked by licking your wrist to know if you have a bad breath or not. You just need to gently lick your wrist, wait about 5 minutes then sniff your wrist. If the breath smells unpleasant, you will know the smell on your wrist easily. Or you can use a child's tongue swab and a little dot on your tongue, it also helps identify that bad breath.

3. Ask directly the opinions of friends and relatives that you trust

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Bad breath is a delicate issue, you don't want people to know them and will alienate you. Ask friends and relatives about your halitosis is probably the most accurate and objective measure to help you identify how much your breath is in order to have the right treatment.

II. Method to repel bad breath

When you have bad breath, you just want to quickly get rid of this disease from your life as soon as possible. So with the methods below it will partly help you get a smoother breath to make you more comfortable in life.

1. Brush your teeth and take care of your teeth regularly

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The main cause of halitosis is food and bacteria plaque, which is a fertile ground for harmful bacteria to proliferate and flourish. So in order to prevent bad breath, we first need to solve all the bacteria in the oral cavity with daily brushing. Every time we brush our teeth we need to beat 2-3 minutes and hold the brush to tilt it 45 degrees to the gums. Using a soft brush, gently brush the surface of the tooth carefully to prevent irritation of the gums. Besides, after brushing your teeth, you should use mouthwash to be able to remove all the remaining plaque that the toothbrush cannot get in, and floss at least once a day.

2. Use chewing gum

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Gum is also a way to help you reduce bad breath temporarily. When chewing gum we will have to release saliva in the oral cavity, which will help you not to dry out the mouth that causes you to have bad breath. When choosing chewing gum to reduce bad breath you should choose cinnamon-flavored sweets because it is especially effective in removing significant bacteria in the mouth. Besides, xylitol-containing chewing gum is a sugar substitute that prevents bacteria from producing in the mouth.

3. Drink plenty of water daily

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Every day we should practice the habit of providing adequate body water, not only good for health, but also help you reduce bad breath significantly. In the morning our bodies often lack water to dry their mouth, which is one of the reasons your breath smells and that odor may be worse. Water is an odorless, tasteless liquid, capable of flying off excess food in the oral cavity, nutrient source to feed harmful bacteria. Not only does water help stimulate the production of salivary glands, clean the mouth and eliminate unpleasant odors in food.

4. Give your body plenty of fiber-rich foods

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Fresh and crunchy foods like apples and carrots should be boosted during meals. These foods not only provide fiber, but they also improve the digestive system and detoxify the body. Besides, these foods also have the ability to clean plaque on the teeth and prevent bad breath from developing.

5. Do not smoke and chew the top of the medicine

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Smoking is one of the highest causes of lung cancer in men. Besides, the substances in cigarettes also increase the risk of bad breath and quickly stain teeth. Therefore, in order to end this situation and want to be clean and healthy, we should stop smoking soon.

6. Use spices and herbs to help your mouth smell

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Chewing a fresh parsley not only cleanses the mouth but also resists the smell of unpleasant breath. Besides, you can chew cardamom, whether fresh or cooked, they keep your breath smelling. Chewing fennel trees after a badly spiced meal, or crushing water and sprinkling dill seed on the brush to brush teeth.

  1. Or you can chew mint leaves or soak mint leaves in hot water to make tea. It is also a way to clean the breath.
  2. To disperse the stinking breath after eating foods with pungent or onions, garlic, sprinkle salt on the lemon half and eat lemon cloves.

7. Drink green tea and black tea

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Tea is a drink that is quite beneficial for fighting bad breath, because tea contains polyphenols that can reduce sulfur compounds and kill some of the bacteria in the mouth. Drink tea when you see dry mouth or when eating foods that cause mouth odor such as onions, garlic, fish . To achieve the best effect, you should regularly use it every day to reach High efficiency.

When halitosis happens regularly to you and even though you have used a lot of remedies, halitosis still happens, the best way you should go to the dentist is because of bad breath. You may be experiencing some medical conditions like.

  1. Pneumonia or abscess
  2. Post nasal discharge and rhinitis, sinusitis, or sore throat
  3. Chronic kidney failure, can form a fishy smell or smell like urine
  4. Diabetes, which can create fruit odor is related to ketoacidosis
  5. Gastrointestinal fistula forms a fruit smell
  6. Gastroesophageal reflux
  7. Some specific cancers, such as stomach cancer and lung cancer

So check the situation early to not jeopardize your health.