Foods that help get rid of bad breath

Common foods in daily life can help deodorize breath most effectively, especially in urgent cases.

Bad breath often makes us lose confidence in communication. In addition to the ways to keep your teeth clean, you also need to pay attention to common foods in daily life, they can help deodorize breath effectively, especially in urgent cases.

Foods that help get rid of bad breath Picture 1 Foods that help get rid of bad breath

Here are foods to help deodorize your breath


Fresh milk

After eating food with garlic, the mouth often has a very unpleasant odor. At that time, drinking a cup of fresh milk can immediately dislodge this smell in the breath.



Lemon is sour, slightly bitter taste, has a thirst-quenching effect. You can add a little mint to a glass of fresh lemonade to create a drink that will help fight bad breath.



This vegetable has the effect of supporting the elimination of strange odors, especially the smell of tobacco. If parsley cannot be found temporarily, herbs and mint also work to dislodge strange odors in the mouth. To get the best results, you should chew these vegetables for as long as possible. These vegetables are also very good for the digestive system.



According to the latest research, eating yogurt every day can reduce the sulfur content in the oral cavity. Because this type of food is the quintessence of bad breath.

Eating yogurt on a predetermined schedule will help prevent the reproduction of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity. However, you should note, only natural yogurt can do this miracle, sugary yogurt does not have the above effect.


Citrus Peel

Tangerine peel not only helps to dislodge the "coriander" breath, but also has a pleasant aroma, and the beneficial effect of tonic gas.



Every morning when you wake up, you should drink 1 glass of warm water mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach. Honey has a laxative effect, helping to dislodge "coriander" breath caused by intestinal problems.



Grapefruit not only works to dislodge "coriander" breath after drinking alcohol; It also aids in digestion, helps with phlegm, relieves gas in the stomach, and detoxifies alcohol.