Common error codes of induction cookers

Below are the common error codes of the induction cooker, the causes and how to fix them, please refer to you to be able to proactively handle the problems that arise when using the induction hob.

Error code E0


  1. The electric voltage to the induction hob is low, the electrical outlet has a small cross-section, not enough capacity.
  2. The magnetic stove plug is loose, falling.

How to fix:

  1. First, turn off the induction hob, check that the voltage to the induction hob is low. If the voltage is low, you can stabilize the power supply by using a stabilizer.
  2. The capacity of the electric stove is from 1800-2200W, so at least the power outlet must have a large capacity of 2500W. You should not use an outlet with a lower capacity to avoid overload.
  3. If the connector loosened, plug it back firmly and turn on the stove.

Common error codes of induction cookers Picture 1

Error code E1


The voltage on the induction hob is too high, exceeding the safe level, so the induction hob stops working.

How to fix:

  1. Turn off the stove, check the power. When you are sure the voltage is stable, turn on the stove again.
  2. Use a voltage stabilizer to lower the voltage to the right level for the induction hob you are using.
  3. If you have tried the above 2 methods and the error E1 still appears, turn off the stove, unplug the power cord and contact the company for support.

Error code E2


The temperature of the pot is too high, which can be dangerous to the appliance and to the user.

How to fix

Turn off the induction hob, remove the pot from the stove and let it cool for a few minutes and then turn on the induction hob to continue cooking.

Error code E3


  1. Induction hob temperature is too high, the temperature has reached the preset level.
  2. The ventilation holes are sealed.
  3. Radiator fan stops working, broken.
  4. Due to the self-protection mechanism of the kitchen.

How to fix

  1. Turn off the stove and check if the vents are clogged, remove the obstructions to reduce heat.
  2. Check if the fan is working. If the fan is damaged, contact a service center.
  3. If the vent is ventilated and the fan is still working, turn off the stove. After 10 minutes turn on the stove again.

Error code E5

Cause : The induction hob's thermal switch has been shorted.

Remedy : Bring the kitchen to a service center, repair shop to fix.

Error code E6

Cause : The heatsink resistor is shorted.

Remedy : Bring the kitchen to the repair shop, service center for assistance.