Does using induction hob affect health?

Does induction hob affect health, how to use induction hob for safety and energy saving? Find out in the article below!

Currently, many families tend to switch from gas stoves to gas stoves for safety, fast food cooking, and electricity savings. However, many users are still afraid of using the kitchen for a long time will affect health. So, magnetic cookers affect health, how to use magnetic cookers for safety and energy savings? Find out in the article below!

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First, we will learn about how the induction hob works. The main principle of a induction cooker is the use of magnetic coils to directly heat cookware such as pots and pans placed on top of the stove. When the stove is turned on, the magnetic field is generated by the current flowing through the coils. The magnetic field impacts the pot, the pan is magnetized, the electrons at the bottom of the pot fluctuate rapidly and impact each other to produce heat to cook food. Meanwhile, the coil and the glass of the stove do not contain material that can be magnetized so it does not get hot.

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Does the induction hob affect health?

The kitchen radiation frequency is extremely low, from 20kHz to 30kHz and only affects the bottom of the pot directly, so it does not affect the health of users.

When using the induction hob, heat is transferred directly to the bottom of the pan, resulting in very little emissions, no heat.

The induction hob is equipped with self-disconnecting modes, so there is no risk of fire, ensuring safety for users.

To avoid being affected, people using hearing aids or heart aids should not use magnetic cookers.

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How to use the correct induction cooker to be safe, durable and energy efficient

  1. Depending on the size of the stove, choose a suitable sized pot and pan.
  2. Use cooking utensils according to manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Avoid using metal spoons for cooking.
  4. Pay attention to the power source because the induction hob has a high capacity so it needs a stable power source.
  5. Turn off the stove with the OFF button after cooking, do not pull the power cord straight to avoid affecting the cooling fan for components.

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  1. Do not line the newspaper or the fabric under the kitchen to avoid obstructing the airflow to the bottom of the kitchen because the fan is attached below.
  2. Do not place induction hob near gas stove or oven.
  3. When the kitchen problem, please call the store or store, not arbitrarily removable.
  4. Should choose to buy stoves from reputable manufacturers, clearly verified quality.