8 ways to do SEO to increase website traffic

With SEO people, when the number of visitors to the website is increasing, it will have a big impact on whether it can sustain the keyword ranking in search results. Therefore, how to increase website traffic is essential.

To be able to put keywords on high rankings in search results when doing SEO depends quite a lot of factors, requiring SEOs to spend a lot of effort as well as reasonable tactics. One of the major influences on keyword rankings in SEO is the number of visitors on the site.

If your site has a growing number of visitors, it will positively affect the placement of keywords that appear in search results, beyond that of standing in high rankings. Conversely, a small number of website visitors will make keywords less likely to get in the search page than other competitors. So how can I increase the number of visitors on the page? Try to refer to the following 8 methods to help increase website traffic, make websites accessible to many people

1. Select the title of attention:

With a huge amount of information online, having a good title is more noticeable to readers and you will have more clicks on your website and share on social networks. Please combine Title + A concise short description + Fun image to attract your readers.

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2. Selecting diversified and rich content:

Quality articles will definitely be ranked better in search results. Make sure your articles meet the needs of readers on the website, and they can find all the information they need. This is the most effective means to increase traffic to a website, give people something that they can't get elsewhere.

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Creating content and providing it on the website is the only thing for readers to reach you. Simply put, if you copy the content of another website, our website will not get big traffic. You need to provide the information you need to achieve your readers' goals: solve certain problems in the field on the page, methods, guidelines, .

Never copy content from another website. Google and other search engines are smart enough to detect the website you copy content, do not lose the value of your website because of this.

3. Specialized content on the website:

Take care of the content of the article to ensure that the website provides in-depth content about your field. Let readers find and regularly visit your website to develop certain knowledge or problems they need.

4. Share articles on social networks:

In the world of growing social media, your content should be easily shared so your readers can spread it to you. This is a combination of a good title and an interesting image at first sight. All of this creates information of websites that others can share via Facebook, Twitter and other networks.

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5. Adjust the article length on the page:

Well manage the length of the article on the website. Avoid writing short or too long. According to statistics, the average length of articles about 1,600 words is reasonable, you can adjust according to your experience.

6. Post to the regular page:

You should aim for 6 lessons a week. Avoiding interruptions for too long is not good for the quality of your website, as well as the frequency of search engines visiting the site.

7. Classify scientific article items:

This will evaluate the professionalism of the website. Organize a clear layout, categorize information flows in a logical and scientific way so readers can easily find the content to look for, or related articles while reading another article, .

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8. Provide free services or utilities on the website:

Psychology users often care about what is free "click". This, like buying promotional items, seeing promotions, shocking or free (free) is "good". The phrase "free" will bring a huge amount of traffic to your website and spread on social networks.

While doing SEO, creating good content will bring many benefits to our website, pull readers to more and increase traffic. From there, your website will get attention on social networks as well as on search pages. Besides, pay attention to choosing attractive titles, write short descriptive cards, quality images, article length, lesson content, etc. Once you have well prepared the above things, Don't forget about social networking sites. The higher the amount of access on social networks will also help your website be known.

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Hope the above article is useful to you!