7 reasons why you should continue to use the old iPhone

The latest iPhones finally came out, after all, but most of all, don't buy, or at least temporarily, don't buy.

Yes, the brand-new iPhone that everyone expected finally appeared. It's easy to be blinded by Tim Cook's cloudy ad 'This is the best iPhone we've ever produced.' But there are actually many reasons that will make you think about continuing to use your old phone. Here are 7 reasons why you should not buy Apple's new iPhone 8.

  1. Actual image of Apple's latest iPhone X / iPhone 10 and iPhone X configuration parameters.

1. New phone, new problem

Although Apple has also experimented on features like Face ID or wireless charging, there are always problems. For example, is face detection technology effective in low light environments? Would you like to remove the handheld Grip in exchange for wireless charging? Let millions of users try it first and give Apple time to fix the errors.

2. Headphone jack

With iPhone X, iPhone 8 (Apple sells for $ 699) and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple is still brave to continue not to put the headphone jack in. If you're still not ready to switch to Bluetooth headsets, that's why you should still use the iPhone 6 (the price on Amazon is $ 364.99) and older phones.

7 reasons why you should continue to use the old iPhone Picture 1
Apple has completely removed the headphone jack in newer iPhone versions

Apple has provided a conversion device for normal headphones, and you can always switch to the Lightning port headset but after all, if you want a normal headphone jack, you won't be able to respond to those phone above.

3. Faster processors mean nothing

As usual, Apple introduced its latest processor, this time Bionic A11. It's 25% faster than this, 70% faster than the other . How fast do we really need the phone? Even if you use iPhone 6S Plus, you never have to say 'This phone is too slow'. Unlock ID, take photos, stream video, everything happens quickly, sometimes waiting a bit to play heavy graphics.

There will also be a few people who want to use fast chips, especially those who want to use augmented reality. For most of us, faster processors are not a reason to upgrade because the phone in use is fast enough.

4. You can make your old phone feel new

Suppose that the phone is in use, no problem, do not let small problems make you have to buy a new phone. Instead, try refurbishing it. For example, when the battery is running out, replace the new battery. A new panel also helps to change the wind or when you have iOS 11, you can use the new interface and many improved features. All will help your old phone bring a new feel.

5. You can have wireless charging now

Wireless charger has finally arrived. In fact, many Android users have been able to use it for a while. But guess what, you can charge wirelessly on almost any existing iPhone.

Many phone case manufacturers have long provided Qi-compatible chargers for iPhones, only it's slightly big and rough (to be used with Lighting connections).

7 reasons why you should continue to use the old iPhone Picture 2
Qi-compatible sticker can attach wireless charger to almost every iPhone

Recently, many thin conversion devices appeared, bringing a less annoying solution, easily switching to Lightning connection when needed. Rather, they are not expensive, the above Ivitian products are only $ 13.

6. Phone prices will gradually decrease

Previously, every new phone launched made the previous year's iPhone price drop. Now is no exception. The iPhone 7 price has dropped from $ 649 to $ 549, the iPhone 7 Plus has left $ 669 when it was $ 769 before.

Even if you don't want to wait for a year to buy cheap phones, there are always occasions like Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday. You may not see any promotional iPhone, but last year they had $ 50 gift cards.

You can also track agent channels like Daily Steals that sell refurbish for $ 360 (on Amazon listed $ 645). Although it is already 2 years old phone, it is still a good phone.

7. Spend money

The best reason to continue using the current phone is that you already own it. For some people, monthly installments, especially when it comes to an annual upgrade package, but buying an iPhone is still a smarter financial option. Even if I had to spend tens of dollars to buy new batteries or accessories, it would be better to buy a new phone.