What is a QR code? Instructions for creating QR Code quickly

What is a QR code? is a commonly used phrase in today's society. However, today there are still many people who are quite vague about this concept and have never even heard of that phrase.

QR Code has gradually become popular in recent years. However, currently there are still many people who do not really understand how to use QR Code. This article will introduce to you what a QR Code is , its functions, and guide you to create a QR code quickly and simply. Let's find out with TipsMake in the article below.


  1. What is QR Code?
  2. What is the difference between QR Code and traditional barcode?
    1. 1. Aesthetics
    2. 2. Application for sales
    3. 3. New methods of exchanging communication information
  3. Application of QR codes in life
  4. How to scan product QR codes
    1. 1. On iPhone
    2. 2. On Android
  5. How to create your own QR code
  6. What are frequently asked questions about QR codes?
    1. Are QR codes safe?
    2. What is the difference between QR Code and Barcode?
    3. Do online QR codes expire?
    4. Does QR Code collect personal information? 
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What is QR Code?

QR Code is the abbreviation for the phrase  Quick response code (Quick response code) or it can be called 2-dimensional (2D) barcode or Matrix-barcode. QR codes are considered a form of encrypted information that the user's device can read and understand.

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QR Code was first born in 1994, researched and developed by Denso Wave (a subsidiary of Toyota). QR Code consists of pattern squares and black dots combined on a white background. Data from this code can contain information such as text, images, URL links, etc.

Devices that can quickly scan QR codes often include barcode readers or smartphones with cameras. Users can also use the app to conveniently scan and read codes.

What is the difference between QR Code and traditional barcode?

It can be said that QR Code is an upgraded version of traditional barcode. QR Code barcodes can contain up to 4,296 alphanumeric characters and 7,089 numeric characters, while traditional barcodes can only contain up to 20 characters.

Therefore, QR Code will help provide a larger and more diverse amount of information to meet many user needs. In particular, for large businesses and organizations, this is a new and effective means of transmitting information that should be applied.

1. Aesthetics

A QR code is usually a square and can be adjusted in size but does not affect the information inside. Therefore, if compared in size, QR codes will be smaller than traditional barcodes (in the form of adjacent bars). This makes QR codes when printed on products or packaging or business cards look more aesthetic.

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2. Application for sales

Currently, QR codes are widely used by businesses in sales activities. When purchasing any product or service, you can easily see these codes printed on the packaging or point of supply. Users can scan codes to view information about those products and services very conveniently and quickly. In particular, QR codes are also used in online payments to help save shopping time.

3. New methods of exchanging communication information

Businesses can store contact information such as phone number, address, email, organization introduction, etc. in QR codes. Customers and partners just need to scan this code to get all this necessary information. This method is more convenient than business cards or business information sheets.

Application of QR codes in life

QR codes in today's life are applied in many different fields such as: Managing product names, personal information, introducing businesses, linking to social networks, displaying website addresses, email,. Below are some of the most popular applications of QR Code in today's modern life.

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  1. Use QR Code to store URLs . When users scan this code, they will be quickly navigated to those URLs without having to type in social network names or domain names.
  2. QR Code is used to manage information about products and services as well as introduce brands and businesses.
  3. Currently, museums also use QR Code barcodes to display information about each object. Visitors will only need to scan the barcode and information about the artifact or antique you want to see will be fully displayed.
  4. Trams and docks, etc. in the transportation industry also use QR codes to quickly scan and display information related to the travel itinerary.
  5. Products and packaging also use QR codes to store information easily.
  6. Even presentations and seminars also use QR codes to announce the time, location along with main information of the seminar or presentation that day.
  7. QR codes are used in advertising and marketing instead of traditional methods to save costs. Users just need to scan the code to grasp the information the business wants to convey.

How to scan product QR codes

You can scan codes with iOS, Android operating systems or with barcode scanners. Here are the most detailed ways to scan QR codes in applications:

1. On iPhone

For Iphone smartphone users, if you want to scan the QR code, you need to do the following steps: Open the Iphone's Camera , then turn the camera to the QR Code and start scanning the QR code . The information contained within the code will be displayed on your display screen after a successful scan.

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2. On Android

For Android phones that support QR code scanning with a camera, you just need to turn on the camera to scan the code and receive information. On the contrary, if your phone does not have this feature integrated, you can use Zalo or Google lens to scan the QR code.

Instructions on how to scan QR Code with Zalo:

You access the Zalo application > Select More > Select QR Code icon > Proceed to Scan the code .

Some new smartphones also allow you to long press application icons on the screen to scan QR Codes.

How to create your own QR code

QR Code is often used by businesses in their business processes. However, you can absolutely create your own QR code according to your purposes. Here is how to create QR codes you can refer to:

Step 1: Go directly to the support website to create a QR code using this link: https://vi.qr-code-generator.com/

Step 2: Select the form you want to create QR Code (Text, URL, Wifi,.) -> Enter the full content in that form -> Click Create QR Code . Once completed, you can redesign the style of your QR code with different options such as color, frame or logo insertion.

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Step 3: Register if you don't have an account, then log in. You can also log in with your Gmail account.

Step 4 : Enter QR Code Name -> Enter Website -> Select the ' Next ' box.

Step 5: Select Download and wait a few seconds to download the image of that QR code. If you don't want to wait, you can take a photo of the QR code and share it with everyone.

What are frequently asked questions about QR codes?

Nowadays, QR Codes have become extremely popular. However, when using it you will still encounter many problems. Below are some frequently asked questions related to QR codes. Specifically:

Are QR codes safe?

QR codes are very convenient but also have many potential risks that you should know. QR codes themselves cannot be hacked, security risks related to QR codes often originate from the destination of the QR code, not from the code itself. Specifically:
Malware attacks : Bad guys can embed links containing malware in QR codes. Anyone who scans QR codes will be infected with these software. They will then steal data and user information to perform activities with malicious purposes or sell it to third parties. These malicious codes can even be used to monitor behavior and eavesdrop on information. user news.
Cheat:One of the many scams involving QR codes is that bad guys will paste an edited QR code over an original QR code in a public place. People who scan this code will be led to a fraudulent application or website that is very similar to the official application or website. If users do not pay attention, they will provide personal information to these fake applications and websites.
Errors in QR codes : Hackers can take advantage of errors in code reading applications to exploit cameras and sensors on users' devices. Then, they will steal user information and data from this vulnerability.

What is the difference between QR Code and Barcode?

Currently, although used quite commonly, few people can distinguish between QR Code and Barcode. Below are some differences between them that you can refer to. Barcode
form : It is a linear barcode, a 1-dimensional code with lines and spaces of parallel width. QR code : Is a matrix barcode, a 2-dimensional code with interwoven rectangles, hexagons, dots and spaces. The device is scanned

Barcode requires specialized code scanning equipment to be able to read the information. QR codes are more favored when there are many software and devices that can read them. Just by using a Smartphone, you can read information from QR codes without spending a lot of other machinery or costs. Perhaps that is why the popularity of QR codes is almost overwhelming compared to other codes.
Fault Tolerance Fault tolerance
means that the code is susceptible to scratches, blurring, or loss of detail in the code. If the code is corrupted, scanning information may be affected.
In particular, the error tolerance ability of QR codes compared to bar codes is much superior. With fault tolerance from 7% - 30%, QR codes show their advantages and uses in business activities. In case the QR code is damaged, it can automatically fix the error and restore the data.
Barcode has the characteristic of accessing one-way data. Therefore, when the code is damaged, it is very difficult to repair.   
Amount of encoded information
With nearly 7,000 characters of data that can be contained, QR Code provides users with the ability to store extremely large information. At the same time, not only characters, QR Codes can also attach images, domain links, etc. Thanks to that, many brands and businesses love and use QR Codes to promote information about their businesses.
Barcode can only contain 8-20 characters and is limited to two formats: Alphabet and numbers. If too much information is stored, the barcode size will also increase accordingly. Barcode information often stored is product description, price, item identification, etc.

Do online QR codes expire?

Absolutely NO . QR codes are not an online information storage service. Instead, the data will be saved directly to the code image. Therefore, as long as the QR code image is intact, the information will be stored forever.

Does QR Code collect personal information? 

According to one of the world's largest companies providing cybersecurity and anti-virus services, the QR code generator software does not collect any personal information. The data it collects and displays to the code generator will include the number of times the code was scanned, the location, and the operating system of the scanning device. If a user registers an account at code scanning applications, the user's personal information will be stored at these applications.


Above is information related to what a QR Code is as well as how to create your own QR Code. Hope this article is useful to you. And if you want to use QR Code, you should consider the notes that TipsMake has shared with you.