What is a cutter? Are there any types?

Answer all questions about cutting machines such as cutting machines, what types, best types, how much they cost, what to consider when using ... to help you better understand the device and possibly Easily choose to buy, manipulate the machine to be most effective!

In this article, TipsMake.com will summarize what you need to know about cutting machines to help you easily choose a product that is best suited for your work!

Cutting machine is a device which is widely applied in many different fields and industries of life, especially in mechanical and construction industries . to help the work be done quickly and easily. Easy, more efficient. So what is a cutting machine, what kind, what are the characteristics, if it is expensive or not, what kind to buy and what to note when using it, and find out right away in this article!

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Picture 1 of What is a cutter?  Are there any types?
Cutting machine is widely used in life, production, construction .

What is a cutter?

A cutting machine is a type of machine tool used to cut sections, cut edges or cut off the tail end of the workpiece, rolling or original product.

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Iron cutting machine helps cut iron bar easily.

What kind of cutting machines are there?

Cutters can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Based on the type of cutting method: Including types:
    - Cutting machine uses the function: Using energy from the motor to turn the blade to cut.
    - Cutting machine using water jet: Using energy from water jet to cut.
    - Cutting machine using thermal energy: Using thermal energy from laser beam (laser cutting machine), Plasma (Plasma cutting machine), gas burning in oxygen (oxygen-gas cutting machine) . for cutting.
  2. Based on the structure of the blade: Including:
    - Parallel cutting machine: The blades of the machine are placed parallel to each other; can cut hot or cool cut; often used to cut billets, cut products with square, rectangle, circle . after materials are rolled on rolling machine system.
    - Tilt blade cutting machine: A cutting blade is placed parallel to the horizontal plane, the other blade is placed on the side of the blade 2-6 degrees to reduce the cutting force; can cut hot or cool cut; Commonly used to cut long steel, steel plate, steel wire, shaped steel.
    - Disc cutters: Cutting blades in the form of rotating discs; Often used to cut edges, cut edges.
  3. Based on the type of product cut out: Including the type of product cutting machine, pipe cutting machine, plate cutting machine (foil cutter) .
  4. Based on the application: Including metal cutting machines (iron cutting machines, aluminum cutting machines .) for cutting metals such as iron, aluminum, steel, iron .; stone tile cutter for cutting ceramic tiles, granite .; wall trimming machine to cut the lines on the wall to serve water pipes, power lines .; wood cutting saws for cutting wood; corner cutters for cutting and creating desired corners on many materials such as wood, aluminum .
  5. Based on the design: Includes portable, compact and easy-to-hold cutters to manipulate or carry people to different locations; Table cutters are fixed to enhance certainty and safety when operating the machine.

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Cutting machine can cut bricks and stones easily when installing floor, stair, and kitchen platforms .

Features and uses of cutting machines

The types of cutting machines on the market today are very diverse in style, design, function . with great advantages such as:

  1. It is possible to cut many different materials according to the size, shape . that users want quickly, easily, accurately, cutting difficult parts and still ensuring good cutting and High aesthetics.
  2. Simple operation and operation with an intuitive control button system.
  3. Made from high-quality materials, solid design, dust-proof, insulating, good insulation, capable of self-disconnecting when overloading . helps ensure durability, high performance , operating smoothly and safely when operating in different working environments.
  4. In addition to cutting functions, all types of conjugate cutting machines can perform multi-functions such as cutting, grinding, planing, milling . which helps to save costs and area when there is no need to purchase and use many other devices together.

With the above advantages, the cutting machine is widely applied in many different fields such as mechanical engineering, construction, construction and interior design, repair . with metal materials. , stone bricks, wood . to accelerate the work, save labor and bring quality, high work efficiency, precise cutting, more durable, more beautiful.

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Aluminum cutting machine helps to cut aluminum sheets, aluminum foil, aluminum rolls . quickly.

Buy any kind of cutting machine?

To buy a good cutting machine, you will need to note some points as follows:

  1. Choose the right type of cutter suitable for the type of material, shape of material you need to manipulate. If you need to cut many different materials (for operation at a mechanical workshop), you can choose a multi-purpose cutter if you do not want to buy too many machines and equipment.
  2. Choose the type of cutter with specifications such as capacity, blade type, size and shape of the cutting head, cutable thickness, related features . suitable for working needs, avoiding waste.
  3. Choose cutting machine made from durable materials, with safety features such as anti-slip, insulating, good insulation . to ensure labor safety at the highest level during use.
  4. Choose machines from reputable brands to ensure the quality and durability of the machine, ensuring high accuracy and aesthetics for each cutting. Some reputable cutter brands you can refer to as:
    - Makita cutting machine: From Makita brand, was established in 1915 in Japan; provide a variety of different cutters with multiple modes to customize according to user needs; apply many advanced technologies on products such as AVT, LXT, DXT, XPT . to help cut the machine against good vibration, deep and precise cutting, anti-dust, good water resistance, compact size, durable operation beloved
    - Cutting machine Bosch: Coming from Bosch brand, established in 1886 in Germany; providing a variety of metal cutting models, cutting bricks, cutting corners; Applying many modern technologies and harsh quality tests to ensure accurate, aesthetic cutting, simple, convenient, durable, smart, convenient, and safe use .

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Wall trench cutting machine plays an important role when executing power lines, water, cables .

How much is the cutting machine price?

Cutting machine prices in the market today are quite diverse, depending on functions, specifications, manufacturers . that can range from a few hundred thousand, several million to tens of million dong. Therefore, you need to consider carefully the need to use in your work to choose the device with a reasonable cost, in accordance with your budget most, avoid buying too expensive machines will be wasted necessary as well as avoiding buying too cheap machines may not be able to meet the job.

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Angle cutter helps to create beautiful and precise cutting angles.

How to use a safe cutting machine, properly?

In the process of use, in addition to complying with the manufacturer's instructions, you should also note some additional points to ensure the cutting machine works correctly and safely:

  1. Always fully equipped with labor protection equipment such as clothes, gloves, glasses, shoes . to protect the body from heat sources, radiation generated during cutting.
  2. The cutting object should be firmly fixed, cut to the appropriate angle; Custom operation and machine control need to take place slowly; If you want to move the machine, you need to disconnect the power and wait for the cutting blades and discs to completely stop to ensure safety.
  3. Use and preserve the cutting machine in a dry, cool place, avoid heat sources, high humidity, sunshine, flammable substances . to enhance longevity, ensure safety for the device equipment and users.
  4. It is necessary to clean the cutting machine after use, regularly check the parts of the machine, check the lubricating oil . to ensure the machine is always clean, without obstructions causing friction to damage the engine, the blade also such as timely detection of malfunctions and replacement of components, maintenance and repair of the machine at the right time, avoiding machine damage and danger when operating the machine.

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Hopefully, the above information has helped you get an overview of the cutting machine, classification as well as the notes when buying and using this device to improve efficiency and ensure the highest safety when working. .

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