Buy a table drill or portable drill

Table drill and portable drill each have their own advantages and applications. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose the appropriate drilling machine.

Table drills and handheld drills all have the function of drilling materials. However, each drill line will have different features and applications. will go to a detailed analysis to see what the differences between these two drill lines are.

What is portable drill?

The portable drill has an extremely compact design with a weight of only 1kg - 6kg. Hand drill is divided into two types: electric drill and battery drill.

The portable drill has higher mobility because it can be moved easily, so it is used in many families, electricians, electricians or construction industry.

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What is a table drill?

Table drills often have very bulky designs with a weight of 15kg - 35kg. Table drills often design vertical cylinders with brackets, motors at the top of the machine and equipped with a work table for drilling materials. When drilling can adjust the low height of the desk easily.

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Table drills are often used for continuous drilling needs in mechanical workshops, carpentry workshops or in industry.

Advantages of portable drill

  • A number of handheld drillers with reversing features make the screw function possible.
  • Hand drill comes with many genuine accessories to support maximum drilling work, hard materials .
  • Lightweight, it can be drilled on walls, drilled on high ground or drilled in tight areas.
  • Fast drilling speed, can drill both walls and concrete.
  • For battery drill series, you can drill without using electricity.

Advantages of table drill

  • Table drills due to the design of the stand and working table make the hole extremely accurate and the ball is not oval.
  • The borehole is not eccentric despite deep drilling.
  • When drilling does not need to use force like a portable drill.
  • Motor operates with smaller noise.
  • Can be drilled with different diameter of drill bit.
  • Step forward to cut the workpiece evenly.
  • High safety when operating with the machine.
  • The machine can work with tapered drill bits.
  • High productivity because one can control multiple machines.

Should buy table drill or concrete drill

Depending on the needs of the job, you can choose one of these two drill lines. If drilling with high frequency and only drilling wood, steel drilling should choose table drill.

If you want to use drilling on many materials like wood, steel, concrete, walls and need high mobility, you should choose to buy a portable drill.

Where to buy table drill, portable drill machine?

In order to buy a quality portable drill or table drill machine without having to spend too much, you should buy from reputable brands Bosch, Maxpro, Total, MPT, Makita .

Bosch drills, Maxpro drills, Total drilling machines, MPT drills, Makita drill machines are all guaranteed for 6 months, with clear origin.

You can refer to the reputable Online drilling machine sales address, META has a nationwide delivery and collection service. When you receive the goods, you can check the goods before making payment, so feel secure when buying products on this website.

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Buy a table drill or portable drill

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