Should I buy an Oshima battery drill?

Is Oshima battery drill good for use? Oshima battery drill is the brand of which country? Please refer to the article below for the best choice.

Oshima battery drill is a product line that is not inferior to the Bosch battery drill, Makita battery drill or DeWalt battery drill. Let's go find out why Oshima battery drill is trusted by Vietnamese people?

Oshima battery drill is the brand of which country?

Oshima is a brand that is no stranger in Vietnam market. This is a Japanese brand that is trusted by Vietnamese people because Oshima battery powered drill is applied with the most modern technology of Japan, so it has stable quality, good drilling force and genuine accessories. security

In addition to the battery drill, Oshima also has many key products such as Oshima air compressor, Oshima pesticide sprayer, Oshima car wash machine.

Should Oshima battery drill be purchased?

The battery drill not only uses drilling materials but also functions like a battery-operated screwdriver so you can do many different jobs.

The design of the screwdriver is very compact, ultra-light weight for the ability to move the machine easily when operating. In addition, the compact size is also the advantage of the product, because when working in small spaces, using a battery drill will be more accessible. In addition, those hidden corners are often darker, with poor visibility but the Oshima drill has been equipped with Led lights to make your work easier.

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The second big advantage is that the mobility is very high, you don't have to waste time pulling the power cord, finding the outlet but still can work. Power failure is still working normally. Due to not using direct power, the safety is higher, avoiding the risk of electricity.

It can be well drilled on many materials such as wood, steel, iron or thin walls. Strong drilling force should not require much effort. Compared to conventional dynamic drills, the drill force and drilling speed of Oshima are not inferior.

The design of the drilling machine is robust and durable, the capacity meets your work requirements. Complete accessories. When broken accessories are easy to buy instead.

In addition, Oshima battery drill is also integrated with many modern modes:

  1. Large torque force, with no-load speed adjustment, has reversing feature.
  2. Varied battery voltage: 12V, 18V, 20V, 21V. Depending on the purpose of use more or less that users can choose the most suitable battery voltage.
  3. Fast charging capacity takes only about 2 hours.
  4. Simple design, easy to adjust the twisting force.
  5. The machine has a hands-free drilling mode thanks to a drill button maintenance.
  6. High quality plastic case with good impact resistance provides a long time of use.

The best 5 Oshima battery drillers should buy

Just spend the amount of about 1 million VND you already own 1 of 5 best battery drill of Oshima company:

  1. Oshima KP 12LD-K battery drill - Reference price: 1,050,000 VND
  2. Battery drill Oshima KP12 LD 12V - Reference price: 850,000 VND
  3. Battery drill Oshima KP18 SD-K - Reference price: 1,580,000 VND
  4. Oshima KP12 battery drill TD-K - Reference price: 1,090,000 VND
  5. Oshima KP12 SD-K battery drill - Reference price: 1,050,000 VND

These 5 models of battery drill have 2 functions: drilling and screwing, compact design, there are many radiator slots on the camera body to help cool the engine better, extremely long life.

Where is the Oshima battery drill sales address?

To buy the best Oshima battery drill will tell you 2 trusted sales addresses:

META Hanoi: No. 56 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay, Hanoi
META HCMC: 716-718 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 10, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City