Unexpected benefits of hugs

Controlling appetite, slowing down the aging process, and treating depression are benefits you may not know from embracing others every day.

Hugging each other is considered an intimate communication between two people together, hugging each other not only helps the feelings of the two people more closely, but it also helps our spirit and physical feel easy more bear.

Here are some of the miraculous effects of hug, which scientists have long studied and drawn conclusions about the benefits of this action. Let's give a lot of hugs together.

1. Strengthen the immune system

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Do you know that hugs lasting 20 seconds or longer can bring great benefits to the body that is medical treatment, which can help people fight disease. According to Prevention, the study and published in the journal Psychological Science said people who regularly receive hugs from people are less likely to catch colds than those who don't or rarely get hugged. Besides, if you are a person who is often hugged, then surely you are a very beloved person.

2. Control your appetite

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Hugs convey each other's support and empathy. This makes you feel the love of the opposite for you, helping to control the desire to fill the emotional gap with delicious but unhealthy foods.

3. Slow down the aging process

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Researchers have tried to ask 38 couples to sit close to each other, talk, and hug. The results showed that in women who had secreted cortisol - a stress-relieving hormone. Both men and women have increased levels of oxytoncin - a love hormone. Hugging and kissing behavior is said to be able to heal the body and help slow the aging process.

4. Defeat all difficulties

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When you have difficulties or unhappy things in your life, a hug will help you energize your body, giving each other strong feelings and spirits so you can overcome difficulties and harshness. of life. Hugs help us increase levels of the hormone oxytocin, which in turn benefits cardiovascular health. According to the study, women who get hugged often lower their blood pressure.

5. Help you feel happier

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Regular hugs will help yourself nurture deeper patience and appreciation. Because of this, people who are hugged often tend to be more sympathetic and more understanding to others.

Hugging also helps balance the nervous system, making it easier to regulate sympathy. This helps those who hug often will feel more optimistic about life than the rest.

Embracing it every day also helps your body stimulate dopamine to produce more happy hormones as well as serotonin, which keeps your mood up and happy.

6. Anti-depression

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Depression is a quite dangerous disease and does not leave anyone, so to help people with depression can be happy, integrate with people, we need to talk more with them. . Besides a tight hug can help depressed people reduce the amount of cortisol stress hormone and enhance serotonin, which helps regulate bad states and increase pleasure. They help the nervous system relax and get rid of stress.

7. Beneficial for the central nervous system

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A hug has the effect of encouraging the mind and the nervous system. At the same time reduce feelings of loneliness, fear, self-esteem as well as ease stress.

8. Improve confidence

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When you lack confidence or are worried about a problem, hugs will be very helpful for you right then. The hug brings the safety and warmth of love to help you feel safe, lessen the fear and insecurity you are having. Not only that, it also helps us to easily face difficulties in life.

9. Help you express affection without speaking into words

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We often feel reluctant to give words of love to parents or lovers. So why don't you express your feelings through actions that are warm and affectionate hugs? Hugging is like an ideal gift, bringing joy to couples. A hug can overcome all boundaries, helping you confess things in your heart.

Whether we are different in nationality or culture, hugging is also a popular activity around the world expressing caring, love and mutual support. Let's hug each other more to improve health and spread love to everyone!