Things to note when using a steam washer

Steam washer (True Steam) has three options. You can wash clothes with traditional programs that only wash with water, combine steam and water washing, or just use steam cleaning.

Steam washers (True Steam) may sound strange but it is actually a feature on some current washing machines like LG, Samsung or Electrolux. The steam washer includes 3 options for users. You can only wash with normal water, or wash water in combination with steam, or just use steam cleaning. Steam cleaning will help your clothes look cleaner and look newer.

1. What is a steam washer?

A washing machine using steam washing technology is a type of washing machine that can boil water right in the duct and turn it into steam with a steam generator. Then spray into the washing cage in the form of gentle spray, penetrating into each fabric to help clean stubborn stains effectively.

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The steam washing cycle relies only on very hot steam and does not use detergent to remove odors and dirt from the fabric. This washing machine rotates at a high speed so that the steam penetrates and cleans from inside to outside of each laundry. Although the camcorder is fast, most steam cleaners are safe for thin soft laundry.

2. Things to note when using a steam washer:

Select the appropriate location for the steam washer

The first thing is to put the machine in a flat position, firm, spacious and dry to avoid electric leakage which is dangerous for users, should not put the washing machine in a place that is uneven, rough because when the machine is operating may cause noise.

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Should choose the washing temperature accordingly

Washing temperature of about 400C is the most reasonable for casual clothes, just enough for washing powder to penetrate clothes and dislodge stains. At very high temperatures, your clothing may shrink, wrinkle and lose its elasticity, damaging the style of clothing.

Regularly clean the steam washer

When the machine has finished washing or drying, you should open the door of the washing bucket to allow steam to escape, to avoid stagnating the water in the washing cages causing unpleasant odors. At the same time, you should also regularly clean the residue of the detergent on the wall of the machine to avoid the retention of the detergent smell and the moisture smell of the hook that affects the batches afterwards. In addition, you should check the drain hose regularly, as it may not be able to drain water into the machine for a long time without cleaning.

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Read the user manual and check the washing machine periodically

You should periodically check the steam washer every 2 to 4 months, and read the instruction manual to get grease lubrication on the decision details of the machine movement shaft.

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