Top 5 best washing machine models 2021

The common points of the products in the nominated list of the 5 best 2021 washing machine models all have modern, smart designs, good antibacterial ability, and protect users' health.

Unlike smartphones or laptops, washing machine products do not have too many upgrades each year. However, this home appliance still has notable small details, making a difference compared to the ground on the market.

With the desire to find the washing machine that is the most favorite from readers, Zing chose 5 typical nominations including Samsung AI Inverter 14 kg WD14TP44DSB / SV, Panasonic Inverter 16 kg NA-FD16V1BRV, LG Inverter 21 kg F2721HTTV, Toshiba Inverter 8, 5 kg TW-BH95S2V WK and Aqua Inverter 10 kg AQW-DR100ET S.

Samsung AI Inverter 14 kg WD14TP44DSB / SV

Samsung AI Inverter 14 kg WD14TP44DSB / SV is considered the best large front door washing machine. The product was introduced in the Vietnamese market in April 2021. This is the first Samsung washing machine to be equipped with AI technology.

The product has 4 sensors to identify the volume and dirt of the clothes. From there, the machine optimizes the amount of water, washing water, rinsing and time for the user. In addition, the device has an AI Control panel that can automatically memorize, analyze and suggest the right washing mode. User can control this washing machine with SmartThings app.

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In addition, the device also has an AI Dispenser intelligent laundry detergent drawer. The washing machine automatically adjusts the amount of detergent and softener, thanks to the weight sensor of the clothes. Users only need to refill once per month of use (equivalent to 16-20 washings). When the detergent in the drawer has run out, the washing machine will automatically indicate a need to fill.

This product also has a QuickDrive mode. Clothes will be washed deeply in just 39 minutes. In addition, the washing machine also has Hygiene Steam technology, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and allergens by activating high temperature steam that blows into the entire surface and deep inside each crevice.

Panasonic Inverter 16 kg NA-FD16V1BRV

NA-FD16V1BRV is the best large size top load washing machine with washing weight 16 kg. This model is equipped with StainMaster + hot water washing technology that quickly removes nasty stains such as grease stains, neck stains and sleeve stains.

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Equipment using new generation TD Inverter motors. According to Panasonic, this engine delivers 6 times more power than the previous version and saves about 40% in electrical energy. The Panasonic washing machine also has Tangle Care technology. When washing is finished, the washing bucket slowly rotates left and right for 4 minutes to help prevent clothes from tangling and overlapping.

After a period of use, the washing bucket will get dirty, detergent residue and bacteria. With Auto Tub Clean mode, the Panasonic Inverter 16 kg tub NA-FD16V1BRV will be cleaned easily thanks to the combination of hot water, bacteria on the drum will also be removed.

LG Inverter 21 kg F2721HTTV

LG Inverter F2721HTTV is evaluated as a front-door washing machine with the highest capacity up to 21 kg combined with a drying volume of 12 kg. The device allows users to easily wash and dry a large amount of clothes in one wash.

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The product is also equipped with the True Steam steam wash, which uses hot steam at a high temperature to kill bacteria and allergens that are left on clothes. At the same time, the hot steam can creep into each fabric to help reduce wrinkles and tangles effectively.

One plus point on the 21 kg LG Inverter F2721HTTV comes from the Add Item feature, which allows users to add laundry after the machine has been in operation, minimizing missing clothes. User can control this washing machine with LG SmartThinQ software. This application allows the user to adjust, check the fault condition or start the washing machine at any time.

Toshiba Inverter 8.5 kg TW-BH95S2V WK

Toshiba Inverter 8.5 kg TW-BH95S2V WK is the best front-door washing machine under 10 million. The product has a modern design, the white version gives an elegant feel. Currently, the product is being offered for sale for 7 million VND.

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Compared with products in the same price range, Toshiba washing machine model features 16 different washing programs such as cotton, sportswear, thick coat, thin clothes, baby clothes or 15-minute quick wash.

The device has an intelligent sensor that automatically measures the water flow rate, the amount of laundry, and then offers a suitable washing program.

Aqua Inverter 10 kg AQW-DR100ET S

This is the best top-loading washing machine model in the price range below 10 million VND. The product has a quite compact design, the glass lid is tempered, borderless, and anti-collapsing.

The washing machine has Nano Ag + deodorizing technology to help clothes be washed better and not stink. In addition, the product can remove residue left behind after each washing time thanks to the automatic drum cleaning feature.

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This model has a total of 12 different washing programs, 10 kg washing weight, suitable for families of 5-7 people. Like many other devices, Aqua's washing machine also has inverter technology, providing smooth operation, saving electricity.