Successfully launched the ultra-modern solar exploration spacecraft worth $ 672 million

Solar Orbiter is one of the most modern spacecraft man has ever built
Solar Orbiter, one of the most modern spacecraft ever built, is on its way towards the orbit of the Sun to accomplish its extremely important mission: Learn the impact of the sun on environment.

Solar Orbiter soared into space before the cheers and witnesses of thousands of scientists at Cape Canaveral Base, Florida, USA, after a 'perfect to every detail' launch took place on the morning of October. 2 (Vietnam time) (11:03 pm EST).

The mission that Solar Orbiter has to undertake is extremely heavy, but also ambitious. Developed and supervised by the world's two leading aerospace agencies: ESA and NASA (ESA is the unit responsible for the development of the spacecraft, while NASA will be responsible for the launch process. Solar Orbiter will give us a more detailed and accurate view of the undiscovered polar regions of the Sun, and especially its impacts on the cosmic environment in general, in it has the concept of 'space weather' - the condition of the near-earth space environment including magnetic fields, radiation and material emitted from the sun.

Shortly after the Atlas V boosters put the Solar Orbiter into orbit, ESA confirmed that the spacecraft's most important fuel cells were properly deployed, providing the power to make the trip. his arduous process.

With a total development and manufacturing cost of up to $ 672 million, Solar Orbiter is naturally equipped with the most advanced technology available today. The most important of these is the high-resolution telescope system that allows photographing the sun's surface as well as measuring changes in its surroundings before the impact of the Sun.

As expected by NASA, it will take about 2 years for Solar Orbiter to reach the necessary orbit of operation, after which the ship will begin sending Earth the first images of the polar and magnetic fields that govern the 11 cycle. year of the sun. While Solar Orbiter's mission can last up to a decade or even longer.

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'We all know that the Sun has a tremendous impact on life on Earth. However, the knowledge that humanity has about this giant fireball is still extremely limited. After completing the mission, Solar Orbiter will give us invaluable knowledge of the unprecedented changes of the Sun and its impact on the Earth, as well as the general environment of the Solar System ', Mr. Günther Hasinger, ESA Science Director said.

With the participation of Solar Orbiter, humans will have two satellites specializing in solar research, the other is Parker Solar Probe, which is successfully launched in 2018.