Video: Cassini spacecraft successfully performs the journey around Saturn

Several hours ago, NASA successfully tested the Cassini spacecraft cruise around Saturn. Let's find out!
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Several hours ago, NASA successfully tested the Cassini spacecraft cruise around Saturn . Cassini – Huygens spacecraft is a cooperative robot space mission co-operated by NASA / ESA / ASI with the task of studying Saturn and its natural satellites.

The Cassini – Huygens spacecraft was launched on October 15, 1997. After a 17-year interplanetary voyage, she reached orbit around Saturn on 1 July 2004.

  1. On December 25, 2004, the Huygens expedition ship was separated from Cassini spacecraft at 2:00 UTC.
  2. Arriving at Titan Titan on January 14, 2005, as it descended into Titan's atmosphere, touched the surface of the moon. Then send the scientific information back to the Earth by remote control ( telemetry ).
  3. By April 18, 2008, NASA announced an additional fund for ground operations of this mission and the mission was renamed " Cassini Rating Mission ".
  4. In February 2010, this mission was once again expanded to be able to continue until 2017. Cassini was the first exploration ship to fly around Saturn and the fourth to visit Saturn.
  5. On the night of April 25, NASA successfully completed its journey around Saturn, opening up new research on extraterrestrial life.

Video: Cassini spacecraft successfully performs the journey around Saturn Picture 1
This image shows NASA's Cassini spacecraft flying above Saturn's northern hemisphere on April 26, 2017. Image source: NASA / JPL-Caltech

NASA's Cassini spacecraft made its maiden voyage through the narrow gap of Saturn and its natural satellite on April 26, 2017. No spacecraft ever discovered at this distance, Cassini spacecraft will use antennas longer than 4 meters as a protection shield when moving through the belt.

The Cassini team will use the data collected by one of the spacecraft's scientific tools ( Radio and Plasma Wave Subsystem, or RPWS ) to determine the size and density of molecules on Saturn's belt. before making the journey. In the direction of the antenna, Cassini spacecraft will not contact Earth while traveling.

Video: Cassini spacecraft successfully performs the journey around Saturn Picture 2

Below is a list of milestones that are expected to occur in the event, if all follow the plan:

  1. 5 pm PDT (8:00 EDT) on April 25, ie 7 am on April 26, Vietnam time: Cassini spacecraft approached Saturn on the northern hemisphere before the first of 22 detections Danger is planned through the distance between the planet and Saturn's belt.
  2. 1:34 PM PDT (4:34 AM EDT) on April 26, ie 5:30 pm on April 25, Vietnam time: When moving from north to south Saturn, Cassini spacecraft begins revolving 14 minutes to increase the antenna point towards the molecules on the belt.In this plan, the antenna acts as a protective shield for the Cassini spacecraft's technical tools and systems.
  3. 2 am PDT (5 pm EDT) on April 26, ie 4 pm April 25, Vietnam time: Cassini spacecraft crosses the plane of Saturn's belt while exploring between the rings and Saturn.The scientific instruments of the spacecraft are gathering data, but the Cassini spacecraft did not contact Earth at the time.
  4. Around noon on PDT on April 26 (3 EDT hours on April 27), ie 3 am Vietnam time: Earth will have the first chance to get back in touch with Cassini spacecraft like an antenna. Giant deep space ten meters, 70 meters long in Goldstone, California, listening to the spacecraft's radio signal.
  5. Around 12:30 am PDT (3:30 am EDT) on April 27, ie 2:30 am on April 26 morning in Vietnam time: Images are scheduled to be available from the spacecraft.

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