Is Oshima car washer good?

Oshima car wash machine comes from Japanese brand with durable copper wire motor core, smooth magnetic motor should be very trusted by customers to wash car, wash garden at home.

In addition to famous brands such as Karcher car washers, V-JET car washers, and Bosch car washers, Oshima car washers are one of the best-selling brands in the market.

Which country is Oshima car washer?

Oshima is a big brand from Japan, famous for items such as electronic welding machines, pesticide sprayers, lawn mowers, air compressors, soil drills and car washers. These are strong product lines of this brand. In which Oshima car wash machine is also one of the items with extremely big sales.

The products made by Oshima are affordable, high quality, high stability and strictly inspected before being released, so Vietnamese people trust and choose.

Review Oshima car washer

Compact, compact design

Most models of Oshima car washers are designed to be extremely compact like a water pump, which helps users move easily, preserving not much space.

Durable magnetic motor, core wrapped 100% copper wire

All Oshima car washers are equipped with motors from durable, smooth operation. The motor core is covered with copper wire for high durability, less heat overload when used for a long time, helping to bring high performance at work.

Application for many purposes

Car washing machines are used for the following jobs:

  1. Spray garden and barn.
  2. Wash motorcycles, wash cars, wash bicycles.
  3. Cleaning household tools.
  4. Cleaning railing, glass doors.
  5. Hygiene conditioners.

Car washing machine is capable of self-sucking water

Family car washers have the ability to draw water from bucket pots without high pressure, and the suction power makes it more convenient to use.

The machine disconnects itself when the trigger is stopped

This is an extremely useful feature that any user wants. When stopping the trigger, the machine gun will automatically turn off the water to save electricity and water.

Healthy spray pressure

Oshima washing machine has a maximum spray pressure of 80 bar for powerful water spraying effect, helping to wash the car or wash the garden clean and shiny without spending much time.

Powerful capacity

Oshima car washers often have a power level of 1.100W - 1.300W, so it is very stable and durable, enabling users to work with the machine for a long time.

Full car washer accessories

Oshima car wash machine will come: pressure spray, water quail, water suction wire, filter and short spray gun to help users do not have to spend any more costs.

Top 3 best selling Oshima car washers in 2019

1. Oshima washing machine OS 80A - Reference price: 1,450,000 VND

  1. Motor: Magnetic motor (Induction)
  2. Pressure wire length: 10m
  3. Motor core: 100% copper wire
  4. Maximum injection pressure: 80 bar
  5. Self-draining ability: Yes
  6. Capacity: 1.300W
  7. Voltage source: 220V / 50Hz
  8. Pressure: 70 bar
    Water flow: 7 liters / minute
  9. Accessories: 10m pressure sprayer, gun, connector and handle
  10. Brand: Japan
  11. Made in China
  12. Warranty 12 months

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2. Oshima washing machine OS 80B - Reference price: 1,380,000 VND

  1. Motor: Magnetic motor (Induction)
  2. Spray pressure: Working: 70 bar, maximum: 80 bar
  3. Pressure spray wire length: 5m
  4. Motor core: 100% copper wire
  5. Self-draining ability: Yes
  6. Capacity: 1.300W
  7. Voltage source: 220V / 50Hz
  8. Water flow: 7 liters / minute
  9. Color: Black red
  10. Size: 32cm x 21cm x 14cm
  11. Product weight: 11kg
  12. Brand: Japan
  13. Made in China
  14. Warranty 12 months

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3. Oshima OS-1100A (automatic) washing machine - Reference price: 2,990,000 VND

  1. Motor: Magnetic motor (Induction)
  2. Maximum water flow: 8 liters / minute
  3. Pressure spraying length: 8m
  4. Self-draining ability: Yes
  5. Capacity: 1.100W
  6. Pressure: 7mpa
  7. Speed: 1400 RPM
  8. Size: 36cm x 25cm x18cm
  9. Product weight: 14kg
  10. Brand: Japan
  11. Made in China
  12. Warranty 12 months

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Hopefully, the above article will help users have more options to buy with the need to buy a family car washer.

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