Good cart: Advindeq, Sumo or Stanley?

Trolley, towing goods to transport heavy, bulky goods which is the best type between Advindeq, Sumo and Stanley? Compare now to find the best product for you!

In this article, will compare shopping carts, multi-purpose carts from Advindeq, Sumo and Stanley brands to help you understand and easily choose when buying this product!

Trolleys are widely used in warehouses, factories, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, airports . to help move heavy goods, bulky goods quickly and effortlessly.

Currently there are countless multi-purpose trolley models on the market, but the most prominent is probably the products from 3 brands Advindeq, Sumo and Stanley. Let's see the products of these 3 firms have some outstanding features to receive the trust of consumers as well as to choose for themselves the best model of trailers!

Evaluate, compare multi-purpose trolley Advindeq, Sumo and Stanley

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  • Price
  • Design
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Advindeq is a brand from Taiwan, Sumo is a brand from Japan and Stanley is a brand from America.

Advindeq specializes in the production of aluminum ladders and manual tractors. Advindeq has been in Vietnam market since 2006, famous for its certified products to meet the world's leading standards of quality such as EN131, EN14183, CE .

Sumo specializes in the production of high-end shopping carts, CE standard, and continuous improvements to meet consumer needs.

Stanley was born in 1843, has long experience in manufacturing tools, industrial tools and home repairs. Stanley's products meet the stringent requirements of the most demanding markets in the world such as the US and the UK ., to be worthy of the world's leading brand of industrial tools.

Picture 1 of Good cart: Advindeq, Sumo or Stanley? Picture 1 Good cart: Advindeq, Sumo or Stanley? download this picture HERE
Trolley products Advindeq reach many high quality standards in the world.


The price of the trailer, Advindeq, can be considered as the most "easy", only from VND 280,000. Next is Stanley's trolley, priced from VND 690,000. Sumo trolley has the highest price products, from 1,520,000 VND.

The price gap between these 3 brands is relatively large, so you should consider your money carefully before choosing products of 2-wheel or 4-wheel trolley . to serve the work and life.


The products of the three firms have a minimalist, elegant design, offering both 2-wheel cart, 4-wheel trolley, or without a floor or plastic or steel floor.

Sumo also provides products of multi-storey trolleys with 2-storey stroller models, 3-floor trolley trucks and can equip with additional protective nets for each floor, which is very suitable when sorting goods right from transport and ensure goods do not fall when transporting, ensuring safety for fragile goods.

Picture 2 of Good cart: Advindeq, Sumo or Stanley? Picture 2 Good cart: Advindeq, Sumo or Stanley? download this picture HERE
Sumo cargo trolley has many floors, transporting many goods.

Advindeq and Stanley developed a 6-wheel manual trailer line with a total of 6 wheels to assist in stair climbing, making it easier to transport goods in buildings without elevators. .

With Advindeq and Sumo, the main products are original colors of steel, stainless steel, aluminum . so it is generally simple and modern silver - white - black tones. In Stanley, the products in the main gold-black tones should look very solid and stand out.

Most models of tractors of these 3 brands can be neatly folded when not in use (except for products with many floors), so it is very convenient in storage and preservation process, ensuring space saving. .

With models not equipped with plastic floor and steel floor, all 3 firms allow most users to customize the length of hand pull to suit the height, avoid back pain when using the car.

These are reputable brands so most of the materials used by manufacturers are high quality and standard materials. The handle parts, wheels . are also optimized for users to comfortably push the car without losing strength.

Picture 3 of Good cart: Advindeq, Sumo or Stanley? Picture 3 Good cart: Advindeq, Sumo or Stanley? download this picture HERE
Stanley 6 wheeled trolley with eye-catching, modern design.


Manual towing products are used to support heavy and bulky cargo, so the load that these products can withstand is one of the most important parameters.

  • The models of Advindeq have the maximum load at the levels of 45 kg, 80 kg, 120 kg, 150 kg . and the highest is 250 kg .
  • Stanley models have a maximum load of 60 kg, 70 kg, 90 kg, 150 kg, 200 kg . and the highest is 250 kg .
  • The models of Sumo have maximum loads at levels such as: 170 kg, 220 kg, 300 kg, 370 kg . and the highest is 650 kg .

If you want to carry the largest volume of goods, Sumo will be the ideal brand to accompany you.

In general, products from all 3 brands Advindeq, Sumo and Stanley have many outstanding advantages. Advindeq has the lowest price, Sumo has the highest load, Stanley has the most outstanding design .

To choose the right product, you should start considering the price range to localize the products, then consider transportation needs (only transport on flat terrain or move on the stairs). set), design (with floor or no floor, neutral or outstanding colors), load . and from there to find the right product for your work.

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Hopefully, the above information has helped you better understand the popular goods trolley from Advindeq, Sumo and Stanley brands that are popular on the market today. If you want to buy genuine carts with the best price, please quickly visit website to order online or call Hanoi hotline - TP. HCM for advice, support for the fastest purchase with the cheapest price!

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Good cart: Advindeq, Sumo or Stanley?

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