How to order iPhone X

Apples of Apples around the world are starting the war for ordering the iPhone X. This model will go on sale on November 3, but is expected to be in abundance.
  1. iPhone X is a product exclusively for the younger generation - those who like selfie
  2. Forget the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, hear the iPhone next year is much more attractive
  3. Home button disappears knowing how to use iPhone X?

Recently, technology lovers are buzzing with the launch of the iPhone X, which will take place on November 3. iPhone X is currently a technology product that users are most interested in at the moment. And once again fans of apple flaws will start on the 'war' to put iPhone X to own this groundbreaking phone. As early as 14:00 today (October 27), according to Vietnamese time, Apple's website has allowed ordering. However, according to recent information from Apple, they are experiencing difficulties in the production process, leading to a scarcity of products for consumers. According to many people predict, with scarcity combined with the heat from the market, iPhone X will be a very difficult to buy.

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Before the information, rumors, many fans of the apples must be determined, competing to be able to order.

So how can I order iPhone X in the US or in big markets

On the morning of October 27, international technology sites began posting ways for users to order iPhone X. According to Business Insider, readers are encouraged to use the Apple Store application (downloaded from the Appstore), Search for keywords iPhone X, select the heart icon (Favorites) in the upper left corner, then regularly follow this list, until the "order" button appears, immediately click.

This is how many people rate it as a higher order rate compared to ordering through

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For users of large networks like AT&T and Verizon . Instead of getting into the Apple Store to order, there is a simpler and easier way to get iPhone X, which is through the program. upgrade network equipment. This is a great offer of apples for their big partners.

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As for those who want to experience the feeling of conquering this iPhone X, they can queue for a few days at the Apple Store to wait for their turn. When lining up here, you will probably be able to go to foreign newspapers with different emotions, which can be fun and happy when you get in the hands of iPhone X or a sad, disappointed face like a funeral. when not having the booty brought back.

As for Vietnamese people, how to own iPhone X

In Vietnam, unfortunately there are no stores of Apple, and retailers like Mobile World, FPT Shop . Often sold slower than the world market for the whole month. Therefore, to get in the earliest iPhone X, you should spend a small amount to book a plane ticket to Singapore to hunt iPhone X. This place has a store of Apple Store on Orchard Road so you can line up ready Fight with hundreds of people who are available there. Or you can spread out the EpiCentre retail stores, Nubox . find luck.

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In Singapore, people can also order online through networks like M1, StarHub or Singtel. However, these channels are only suitable for indigenous people, but for foreigners it is difficult to reserve through this channel.

In addition, you can also buy iPhone X from overseas student forums on Facebook, but the iPhone here will be sold for a much different price than its actual price.

In addition to Singapore, you can also fly over Hong Kong to be able to buy iPhone X. It is considered by many to be more competitive than Singapore, and even many "oligarchs" are still able to slip out the iPhone X Out soon in the night of November 2, but comes at a "heavenly" price and is not allowed to activate soon.

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In addition to the above 2 markets, you can also come to Australia to wait for the iPhone to launch.

If you don't want to move a lot, you can also stay at home waiting to buy from 'portable' dealers to Vietnam, and of course its price is not cheap at all, ranging from 50-70. million, or even more than that number.

If you want to own an iPhone X at a good price, not being "cut down", users in Vietnam should wait patiently for another 2-3 months. At this time will end the shortage of goods, iPhone X will return to the price easier. At this time, you can also choose the machines for the European or American market, or simply the VN / A code machine for Vietnam for warranty.