How Dubai is becoming a technology hotspot

The city of gold takes the world by storm by positioning itself as the global leader. It is not only working on the IT sectors but also on healthcare and on reducing traffic congestion.

Dubai is also smart metering to maximize different resources like digital start-ups, tech innovations, etc. It is driving towards the technology-oriented future and soon it will be the biggest technology hotspot.

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From the use of artificial intelligence to the 3D printing technology, the city of gold emphasizes innovation and that's why it is the technology hub. It also promotes innovation and entrepreneurship not only in Dubai but also in the whole Arabian Gulf.

Dubai adopts everything so quickly and that's why many businessmen around the world explore different types of business opportunities. It is already a hot tourist spot and millions of tourists head towards this city. It results in more demand for businesses like Car Rental Dubai and many more. Let's have a look at how Dubai is becoming the technology hotspot in 2020.


In this blog, we will discuss:

  1. How is Dubai becoming a technology hotspot?
  2. Rise of digital transformation concepts
  3. Start-ups and investment plans
  4. Dubai Technology and Innovation Projects
  5. The objectives of Dubai technology hub
  6. Final thoughts


How is Dubai becoming a technology hotspot?

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Dubai launched many smart projects back in 2013 in order to transform Dubai into a technology hotspot. The mission of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid was to make Dubai the hub of sustainability, innovation, and revolution. That's why he started many projects based on public and private partnerships to drive the city to a pleasant future.

Dubai smart city concept comes up with the idea of using modern technologies to bring revolution. That's why they adopted the internet of things and artificial intelligence concepts along with the physical infrastructure. For instance, IoT (Internet of things) sensors have been used that help to detect the weather conditions. They can also help with the safety of buildings as Dubai has the skyscrapers. Also, the data analysis technologies will make sure the efficiency of services.


Rise of digital transformation concepts

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The rise of digital transformation concepts has been rising recently in Dubai. The government of Dubai has been focusing on launching technology-based projects. All of the Middle East is trying to reduce the dependency on oil-based revenues including Dubai. That's why they are working on the new income streams that involve development and other digital technologies.

Dubai residents and tourists are more demanding and technology-centric. And, that's why they host different events and expos every year. That's why the government of Dubai is trying to engage digital projects to surprise its residents and tourists around the globe.


Start-ups and investment plans

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Dubai is already working on many projects to make Dubai the world's top technology hub. Also, they are focusing on inviting inward technology around the world. The initial investment for these projects already crossed 1 billion dollars back in 2016. Many more companies have also raised more than 2 billion dollars to work on AI, IoT, cybersecurity, big data, and other technologies like that.

Careem, that's the alternative of Uber, is the best example of the start-ups and it has enjoyed great success in the past years after its launch in 2016. It has also raised funds of 71 million dollars and it helps it to expand in many Middle East countries, Pakistan, and North Africa.


Dubai Technology and Innovation Projects

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Dubai is always looking forward to launching mind-boggling innovations and these are as follows:


Dubai Hyperloop

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Dubai is really working hard and aiming to cut the 86 miles distance from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in just 12 minutes. For this purpose, the vacuum-tube train will be introduced that will run on the magnetic track. It will be able to move at a speed of 1200 km per hour.


Solar park

This mega solar park is the largest park with an area of 215 sq km. It has photovoltaic panels that are surrounded by a 260-meter solar tower. The mission of this solar park is to provide clean energy to the residents of Dubai by 2050.


Self-driving Air taxi

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Dubai self-driving air taxis were introduced back in 2017. It utilizes 18 rotor volocopter that can drive automatically without any drivers. However, they can only fly for 30 minutes until now.


Robocop Dubai

Dubai is the city with the lowest crime rate but still, they are all set-up to experiment with patrol robots. These robots will patrol on the eyes to keep the eye on the criminals. If all goes well, the army of robots will make up a quarter of Dubai police by the end of the next decade.


Blockchain innovation in Dubai

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We all know the ease of security blockchain brings. It is set to be the first municipal government that will be all powered by blockchain. The government of Dubai will soon digitize all the paperwork by 2021. This will not only bring peace of mind but also save millions of trees while making the environment of Dubai more healthy. You might have noticed the apps like Emirati and DubaiPay are already working. Dubai is also working with tech giants like Consensys and IBM to develop cryptographic technology.


Objectives of Dubai technology hub

Dubai government is working its best to make it the technology hubspot and the objective behind Dubai technology transformations are:

Smart living: One of the ideas behind technology hubs is to make sure that Dubai is the best place to stay or work. Even water and electricity providing companies will use it to manage outages and response of authorities.

Best economy: Dubai is the home of many businesses and industries like trade, finance, and tourism. The digital transformation in all these departments will multiply the income stream of Dubai.

Promotes digital literacy: The concept of digital HubSpot also includes the objective of providing online access to different departments like health, education, vote registration, and much more.

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Reduce traffic: Autonomous cars and air taxi concepts enable individuals to move from one place to another in a much faster way. Also, the need for travel will be reduced by providing digital access to people.

Air quality monitoring system: Dubai is also introducing the air quality monitoring system to reduce pollution and to ensure sustainable development.

Smart government tasks: To provide a user-friendly and digital platform so that people do cashless transactions online. People don't have to visit government offices to get their errands done.


Final thoughts

Dubai smart city starts all the innovative projects to make Dubai a technology hotspot by the end of 2021. The further innovations still need time but we are hopeful that these innovations won't take years. These innovations will not only transform Dubai but also maximizes business opportunities for people around the world. Also, the technology transformation will boost the economy at its best.

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