The size of the most common dishwasher today

To help you make the best choices, let's find out the size of the most popular dishwasher on the market today.

Dishwashers are gradually becoming an indispensable product in modern families today.However, with limited kitchen area, choosing to buy a suitable size dishwasher also causes headaches for many people.To help you make the best choices, let's find out the size of the most popular dishwasher on the market today.

Why do you need to find out the size of the dishwasher?

Currently, there are 3 typesof dishwasherson the market: desktop dishwashers, independent dishwashers and dishwashers.

When buying a dishwasher, besides being concerned about the design, washing features . the size is also an issue that you need to consider because it is directly related to the layout of the space in your kitchen.If the size is too big or too small, it will waste space and lose aesthetic.

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When learning about dishwashers, you've probably heard of concepts such as '6 sets of dishwashers', '12 sets of dishwashers' . This is how to determine the amount of dishes that a machine can wash dinner. How much is it, not the size of the device, something that many people often confuse.When it comes to dimensions we are talking about the length, width and height measurements of the product.By knowing these measurements, you can find out which kitchen space suits your machine best.

To better understand, let's go into detail the size of each dishwasher in the next section.

Common size dishwashers on the market

Dishwasher desktop

This is a small size dishwasher, the maximum measurement is 450 x 550 x 500 (mm) (Height x width x Depth).For apartments with small area, small space or only 2-4 users, this is a suggestion not to be missed.The advantage of this dishwasher is that it is compact and easy to place in the kitchen system.However, desktops often have a small area of ​​washing compartments, only 1 compartment so large cooking utensils such as large, large pans are unusable.The majority of desktop dishwashers on the market today can wash from 6 to 8 sets of dishes.

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When mentioning the popular dishwasher in the market, it is impossible to ignore some of the following products:

Hafele dishwasher HDW-T50A:Dishwasher from Hafele brand from Germany, capable of washing up to 6 sets of dishes at once.The size of a Hafele dishwasher is 43cm x 55cm 50cm (H x W x D), this design helps to place a dishwasher on a table that is very space-saving, suitable for small kitchen spaces.

Reference price: 8,000,000 VND

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Toshiba mini dishwasher DWS-22AVN:Toshiba mini dishwasher is a compact dishwasher, suitable for small families, few people.Toshiba dishwasher size is only 42cm x 43.5cm x 43.5cm (height x width x depth), extremely compact so it will not make you worry about how to arrange and arrange in the small kitchen of the family yourself.

Reference price: 5,800,000 VND

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Independent dishwasher

Independent dishwasher is a vertical dishwasher, this machine can be placed independently anywhere in the kitchen such as: Right next to the kitchen, refrigerator . or under the cabinet.This type of dishwasher is often used for families who buy dishwashers without pre-calculating the location of the machine so do not leave the kitchen compartment empty.

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The dimensions of an independent dishwasher usually have a height of 85cm x width 60cm x depth 60cm.Typically, independent dishwashers will be designed with 2 or 3 washbasins depending on the company, allowing to store more items, wash large pots and pans, used to wash about 12 -14 sets of dishes.

The most famous in the independent dishwasher line can be the products of the Bosch brand, a Spanish household brand that is loved by European people for its good quality products, durable and Many diverse features.The size of the Bosch dishwasher is designed according to the standard dimensions of an independent dishwasher so it can be placed in many different positions in the kitchen, washing up to 13 European dishes or finishing a medium-sized pot. Quick and effective.You can refer to some products such as:

Dishwasher Bosch SMS25CI05E - Reference price: 19,500,000 VND

Dishwasher Bosch SMS63L08EA - Reference price: 17,000,000 VND

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In addition, Electrolux is also one of the brands that have good quality dishwashers that you should refer to.Dishwasher Electrolux ESF5512LOX 1950W - Reference price: 18,000,000 VNDmanufactured in Poland with stainless steel color outer shell, electronically controlled, fully automatic, with a wash program setting Separate bowls, low noise.Electrolux ESF5512LOX dishwasher size is compact, simple design, so it can fit in many different interior styles.Machine integrated 6 automatic washing programs, low water consumption, more dishes to be washed each time.

Some other independent Electrolux dishwashers you can refer to:

Dishwasher Electrolux ESF5206LOW - Reference price: 15,500,000 VND

Dishwasher Electrolux ESF5202LOX - Reference price 13,800,000 VND

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Dishwasher under cabinet

Built-in dishwasher is a type of machine installed inside the cabinet, kitchen shelves, so it must be calculated and designed the position to suit the interior as well as the space of the kitchen and kitchen shelf system.Typically, these machines are often purchased and installed with the kitchen building process.

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The advantage of this type of dishwasher is high aesthetics, bringing modern beauty, elegance and saving kitchen space.For small kitchens, dishwashers are a good choice.The size of a dishwasher is much larger than the other models, usually: 81.5cm x 60cm x 60cm (Height x width x depth), so you can wash quite a number of dishes and utensils. cooking.This is a standard size to install dishwashers for dishwashers.Dishwashers also have two separate lines: full cabinet and half-tone units.

  1. Partial soundproof cabinets: This line has an outside control, the wing will be designed according to the user can be wood cladding with the color of kitchen cabinets or the line will have stainless steel wings of the manufacturer. The size of the most common dishwasher today Picture 9
  2. Total cabinet sound flow: The installation method of the full cabinet dishwasher is still the same as the partial line, the difference is that the control surface will be above the wing surface, when closed the wings will be inside the cabinet. The advantage of this line is that the entire wing will be color-coded at the user's discretion. The downside of this line is that the price is quite high compared to the rest. The size of the most common dishwasher today Picture 10

In general, dishwashers dishwashers today are a lot of families love to use by ensuring uniformity with the kitchen cabinets, very handy.Here is a product dishwasher dishwasher that you should refer.

Dishwasher dishwasher Bosch SMV46KX00E

The dishwasher Bosch SMV46KX00E is designed as a complete cabinet, very luxurious, space-saving.The dimensions of a Bosch dishwasher are 60cm x 81.5cm x 60cm, which can wash 12 - 14 sets of dishes in just 20 minutes thanks to TurboSpeed ​​technology.The machine is equipped with many different washing programs such as intensive wash 70 ° C, Auto wash 45 - 65 ° C, Eco mode, quick wash, smooth wash .

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SuperSilence engine technology helps the machine to meet the highest European noise standards with operating volume of only 40 - 45dB, you can operate the machine even in the night without affecting the sleep. sleep of the whole family

Reference price: VND 17,500,000

After reading this article, surely readers have a good understanding of the size of the most common dishwashers today and can choose for themselves a suitable product, right?