4 ways to make delicious sprouts right at home are very simple

Making bean sprouts at home does not take effort, time and money, but also helps provide a source of fresh vegetables for your family. Let's network administrators learn 4 ways to make delicious bean sprouts at home very simple.

Green bean sprouts are popular and popular with many Vietnamese people, with this dish you can eat raw, pickled salt, stir-fry .

In bean sprouts rich in special vitamins are vitamin C, minerals, amino acids, proteins and plant-derived substances (phytochemicals), substances needed to grow plant germs, are also nutritious substances for humans.

However, at present, the market price of bean sprouts when soaked with too many stimulants is very toxic to users. So you can make bean sprouts right at home so that your whole family can enjoy them without worrying about harmful substances affecting your family's health.

The Network Administrator would like to share with you some simple ways to soak bean sprouts at home very simply, with quality items available in the home, but the quality is extremely secure, so please read it.

1. Make bean sprouts with milk cartons

4 ways to make delicious sprouts right at home are very simple Picture 1


  1. 1 box of 1 liter milk or used juice container
  2. 80 -100g of green pea seeds (no limit to the number of beans, if your family can eat more)
  3. Warm water


Step 1 : Milk cans, after you use them all, wash them, use 4 scissors to make them breathe. Cut just enough so that when the ramps are out of the water, they won't leak out. Put green beans in a milk carton (to put beans in the box, you can easily fold the paper into a funnel for easy entry).

Step 2 : Put warm water from 30-35 degrees C into the box to soak green beans, close the lid tightly and put the canister in the dark or under the kitchen. Soak from 12 - 14h.

Step 3 : After soaking enough time, remove the clean water without cover and continue to put in the dark cabinet for about 12 hours.

Step 4 : In the following days, you will do the same as the previous days, twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon for the price to drink such water.

Summer after 4 days, and winter after 5 days, you can harvest the price and bring it to enjoy.

2. How to make bean sprouts with plastic bottles

4 ways to make delicious sprouts right at home are very simple Picture 2

Besides the milk carton box, you can also use mineral water bottles to make bean sprouts, which is also very simple.


  1. 1.5 liter bottle of mineral water
  2. 100 - 200g green beans


Step 1 : After you finish drinking the water bottle, rinse it clean, then use a small iron nose to punch around the bottle body and the bottom of the bottle to make it easy to drain.

Step 2 : After buying the beans, put them in warm water for about 1 hour, then put them in plastic bottles and submerge them for about 8 hours then pour them out (remember to empty the water, otherwise the price will be waterlogged) water and broken).

Note : In this way, you should leave the bottle of water horizontal to disperse the bottle, remember to put the bottle in the dark as possible or you can use the black ball bag to cover the bottle.

Step 3 : Give the water 3 times a day (open the lid to soak the water bottle in the basin of full water, 15 minutes later, lift the bottle to the water that will escape with the holes you poked to drain), like that after 3 days Can harvest prices to enjoy.

3. Make bean sprouts with glass jars

4 ways to make delicious sprouts right at home are very simple Picture 3


  1. Green beans
  2. Sterilized glass jar (boiled with boiling water)


Step 1 : Park after buying, wash green beans carefully, soak overnight (for green beans to crack the shell). Then take it out and continue to wash it again, then put it back into the basket to keep it cool.

Step 2 : When the beans are dried, put them in glass jars, pour water to fill for a few minutes and then remove the water. Leaving the jar in the dark (as dark as possible) to park without being photosynthesized by outside light, if not, the price will rise according to the light leading to the whistle. Each day, let them drink water twice a few minutes each time. Then take out the water, put the bean jar in the dark.

Step 3 : After 3 days, remove the shell and clean it with a clean price to eat.

4. Make bean sprouts with a basket

4 ways to make delicious sprouts right at home are very simple Picture 4

Prepare :

  1. 300g of green bean sprouts
  2. Plastic basket
  3. Cotton towels
  4. Absorbent towel

How to do :

Step 1 : Green beans clean, remove dirt and bad particles then soak green beans in warm water about 35 degrees C to 38 degrees C, soak for about 8 to 10 hours. After the immersion time you will see a little foaming and sprouting sprouts, then immediately put the beans into the basket and discharge them into cold water.

Step 2 : Take a high base plastic basket (about 2cm), lined 1 thin towel or face towel, lined at the bottom of the basket and spread green beans all over. Put on a basket to hold a large bowl or a sealed bowl (to avoid light), then take a big, folded towel and absorb it and cover it up.

Step 3 : Then every 1 day to discharge the water a few times (how to keep the bean basket always enough moisture), after the water is discharged, let the basket grow the bean sprouts very dark. Performing such continuous discharge every day, after 3 days is harvested.

Above are some ways to make green bean sprouts at home simple and easy to do, you can absolutely make a batch of fresh and delicious bean sprouts for your family during your daily meal, to ensure safety and security. born.