What is Loop mail?

What is Loop mail? To help you with this question, the following article will help you find out what Loop mail is.

Speaking of email, perhaps many of us are no stranger to this application. Email is also called e-mail, this is a method of exchanging (sending - receiving) mail through the very popular Internet today.

However, in some cases, you were assigned to work by sending a message to Loop mail to work. But what about a "fuzzy" chicken that doesn't understand Loop mail? To help you with this question, the following article will help you find out what Loop mail is.

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What is Loop mail?

Loop mail is a concept used to refer to a group of not many email addresses. This phrase is used for the purpose of notifying the sender of the message about how it will be sent, with this way to ensure that mail information is accessible to all people in that group.

How to send Loop mail effectively?

Loop mail are groups of up to dozens of people, so it is difficult to remember all the email addresses in the group. So for convenience and can send mail without missing anyone, you can apply the following two ways:

Method 1: Create a separate mail group and assign those related to that job to Loop mail. And when you need to send an email to any group, you just need to send in separate email groups that you have set up before, so everyone in the group can receive your mail.

For example: Quantrimang@gmail.com (This Loop will be for those who belong to the Network Management team)

Method 2: This method will be a bit more elaborate and more time consuming. However, you will not worry about missing or mistaking anyone. You just need to create a contact list for everyone, then every time you send an email with each message you will select all the people in this contact list.

Note : When someone tells you to send a mail to a certain mail loop, you should ask which one is a Loop mail, because there are hundreds of different groups in your work that you don't know. Which group would you like to send?

Hope our above article is useful for you.