Things not to do after drinking alcohol, especially during Tet

Alcohol is an indispensable thing for every occasion, but after drinking alcohol, there are precautions you need to avoid to affect your health and disease risks.

Today on festivals, meeting friends, or Tet holidays, alcohol is considered an indispensable drink in the fun. Alcohol helps people get closer to each other, making fun more meaningful. However, after each such fun, many people will feel drunk or stunned by alcohol, making you no longer alert and mastering your actions, doing things that make the reaction of alcohol, influence direct to health. Can even lead to death. So the following article helps you understand, and be aware of what not to do, after drinking alcohol to avoid unfortunate consequences. Especially in this Tet holiday.

1. Do not drink too much coffee, solid tea, carbonated drinks

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After drinking, we will become dehydrated and feel very thirsty. Therefore, gentlemen will look for drinks such as coffee, carbonated drinks . However, when the body is in alcohol, do not drink a lot of coffee, because these drinks will make for severe water shortage in the body.

Do not drink solid tea because tea can make your heart too excited, making your heart beat faster not to benefit your kidneys while struggling to eliminate alcohol from beer and alcohol.

Many people have a habit of drinking both alcohol and soft drinks or making alcohol and soft drinks to drink, which is especially harmful to the body. Common white wine contains alcohol, when alcohol and gas meet in the body, will make the alcohol quickly spread throughout the body, while producing CO2 that harms the liver, kidneys and stomach, intestinal tract. It stimulates the gastric mucosa, influences digestion, and at the same time the person with gastrointestinal disease if after drinking alcohol, drinking carbonated water, it will cause the intestines and stomach to bleed.

Besides, when drinking carbonated water after drinking alcohol, the amount of alcohol in the body quickly penetrates into the central nervous system, increasing blood pressure. Therefore, when drinking white wine, do not drink with carbonated water, do not drink carbonated water before drinking alcohol.

2. Don't go to sleep now

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When you finish drinking, you really want to go to sleep. But if you go to bed immediately after drinking alcohol, it will slow down the metabolism in the body, causing harm to the liver.

In addition to harming the liver, the respiratory system is also significantly affected. So after drinking alcohol we should not go to bed immediately, but we should wash our face with cold water, then sit and rest.

Many cases of alcohol poisoning are too heavy and unaware, then going to bed can always lead to death without anyone knowing. So when your family has a drunken person, it is necessary to have someone to take care of them to help them with alcohol, 2 hours later, they call them up and give them some water or honey water to help them stay awake. all.

3. Don't take antidote

After drinking alcohol, people often use antidote to help to be more alert, but in fact the antidote only works temporarily, makes you a little awake.

The best way to help with alcoholic drinks is to drink lots of water, especially those that supplement your body's electrolytes, or vitamin C-fortified water like diluted orange juice to help maintain blood levels. Stable in the body.

4. Do not take a bath

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When alcohol in the body makes you feel hot in people and want to take a bath, but when finished drinking and bathing whether hot water or cold water are not suitable and very dangerous for health. Because bathing will quickly increase the consumption of sugar stored in the body, causing body temperature to rise and fall suddenly, making the situation become more serious, causing nausea even dizziness, dizziness .

Therefore, after drinking alcohol, you should immediately take a bath to avoid causing harm to your health. In addition to affecting the liver, taking a bath after drinking alcohol will make you more susceptible to eye diseases, even high blood pressure.

5. Take medicine after drinking alcohol

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If you see fever symptoms after drinking alcohol, it is best not to take antipyretic drugs right away, but wait until early in the morning when you are awake, because in fever-reducing medicine tylenol, when it comes to alcohol in alcohol will cause a chemical reaction, produce toxic substances, lead to hepatitis, even serious injury to the liver, more dangerous than can lead to death. In addition to antipyretics, antibiotics, pain relievers, hypoglycemic agents, antihypertensive drugs, . when there is alcohol in the body, these are the culprits that cause stomach bleeding, even perforation. stomach.

In some cases, if you are taking the medicine, it is best for you to skillfully refuse the fun to keep your health. If you are reluctant to refuse the alcoholic drink, you should take it before an hour before breakfast the next day.

6. Don't go out cold

Because alcohol stimulates blood vessels to expand, blood circulation increases skin redness, increased body temperature, so it is easy to get sick from cold after drinking alcohol.

When there is alcohol in the body, it is best not to go out cold or sit under a fan too strong to make your body more susceptible to colds and wind.

Some folk experiences to solve alcohol

The fastest way to solve alcohol is to vomit : Alcohol is the main ingredient of Ethanol, which is the substance that makes the liver and kidney work hard. High levels of ethanol in your blood will make you feel dizzy, dizzy, nauseous, and staggered. So the simplest and fastest way to solve alcohol is to make alcohol not go into the body by vomiting alcohol. You can use 2 or 3 fingers to put on the tongue, the deepest can go into the throat and press hard down, then the contents of the stomach will automatically flow out.

Fresh lemonade : Hot lemon juice with a few slices of ginger will be very good for "overcooked" times. You just need to cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice, add the hot water and then add the sugar, a little salt and ginger slices, stir well. Give people a hot drink. This will be a kind of drinking water that helps people get drunk, quickly awake and more comfortable. Besides, it helps the body compensate for lost water.

Tomato juice : Besides the beauty, tomato juice is also very good to help husbands to win alcohol. Take 3 to 4 tomatoes, squeeze water or grind into a smoothie, tomatoes have just added vitamin E to help you solve alcohol, you will feel awake immediately.

Drink lemonade or kumquat for alcohol : With a cup of lemon juice or kumquat that's really simple but its use for alcohol relief, everyone knows, the sour taste of lemon will help the drunken person. apple and more pleasant. Just mix it with a little sugar and add some salt to make a cup of lemon juice stronger.

Rice or hot diluted porridge : After drinking alcohol, if you drink a bowl of rice or a bowl of dilute porridge, there is nothing better to help you solve the alcohol, because when the alcohol meets the rice, hot porridge will create the end phenomenon. precipitate, thereby reducing the amount of alcohol absorbed into the blood.

Red sugarcane : Give the drunken drink a glass of red sugarcane juice with a little lemon juice or juice, after 10 minutes will be awake again.

In addition, eating sour fruits such as oranges, tangerines or strawberries . also helps solve alcohol very well. And the best way is not to drink a lot of alcohol!