Spotify launches AI feature that recommends personalized playlists

Much of the Spotify user experience revolves around a playlist - a collection of songs created according to a certain theme and meaning. For example, if you are having fun, you can find a playlist with a similar theme to enjoy.

There are many pre-made playlists to choose from, and you can also create your own. However, to give users a more refreshing experience, Spotify has just introduced a new AI-based feature called DJ, with the ability to create custom playlists optimized for each user's 'taste'. .

Spotify launches AI feature that recommends personalized playlists Picture 1

As revealed by Spotify, DJ is currently in beta and works based on OpenAI's artificial intelligence technology. When activated, it automatically sorts through the latest tracks and revisits some of your old favorites—it can even bring up a song you haven't heard in years. The AI ​​algorithm then evaluates and predicts what you might like and provides a curated playlist of songs just for you. What's more, the algorithm will continuously refresh the playlist based on user feedback.

In addition to creating playlists, the feature will even create an AI-powered voice-over DJ that can provide commentary on songs before and after they've been played.

Spotify Premium users on Android and iOS can experience the feature now by going to Spotify Music Feed and tapping Play on the DJ tab. If you find the playlist created doesn't fit, you can tap the DJ button in the bottom right corner of the app. The playlist will then change to a different artist, genre, or mood.