How to remove Adware Tracking Cookie when a computer is infected

Adware Tracking Cookie is a commonly used form today to display advertisements suitable to users. So how do you get rid of this annoying tracking behavior?

What is Adware?

Adware is a type of computer program specifically built for marketing purposes. It's not really dangerous, but it's not a good thing either. It can become a host for different types of malware and can therefore harm your computer. In addition, adware also stores a lot of user data such as search and browsing behavior.

When adware enters your system, you will experience a poor browsing experience. For example, when visiting a website, the browser will display many pop-up ads instead of showing the website directly to you. Usually, adware is hidden in cookies.

Cookies are not designed to steal the user's personal data or information. Instead, they are developed to smooth the user's browsing experience. For example, when you sign in to your account on a particular website, it will save some information but not the password. With the help of cookies, websites reduce the initial steps of the login process when the same user visits again on the same device.

But some cookies are developed to track user information such as browsing history, the number of pages they have visited and other data. Some cookies can also save the user's sensitive information. The type of cookie data to store depends on who designed them.

Adware is not fundamentally new when it has been around since 1995. Adware today is not as dangerous as viruses and malware, but it is still a threat to user privacy.

How to detect adware entering the system

If you notice the following symptoms in your system, you may have malicious adware on it.

  1. The browser's homepage changes automatically.
  2. Trouble opening web pages despite having a high-speed Internet connection.
  3. Advertising is everywhere, even places where it shouldn't be.
  4. Appears a new addon on the browser even though not installed.
  5. Web browser windows crash more often.
  6. Links of web sites take you to different sites.
  7. The whole device and the web browser became too slow.

Adware Tracking Cookie makes your computer slow and harmful

Adware is a computer program that can get into your system when you allow cookies on certain malicious websites. All computer programs need memory to run. Because adware is also a computer program that entered your system because adware tracks cookies, it also consumes some memory. The presence of many adware slows down the system.

Adware Tracking Cookie is a security threat to computers. If there is an antivirus program on the computer, the user may find that these tracking cookies are flagged by the antivirus software. This is because these cookies can store personal data and track the user's sensitive information. If a user has multiple computers connected to the same network, the Adware Tracking Cookie can be a security threat to all systems.

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How to remove Adware Tracking Cookie

If you are a victim of Adware Tracking Cookies, follow these steps to get rid of them:

1. Remove unknown software

Start Control Panel by pressing Windows + R and typing Control Panel and clicking the OK button. If you find any unwanted program, consider uninstalling it.

2. Remove unknown extensions from the browser

Launch the web browser and check to see if there is any unknown extension, plugin or addon. Remove all unwanted and unknown addons as they can be a security threat.

3. Reset web browser

This process will correct all changes made by the Adware Tracking Cookie.

4. Run an anti-virus scan

Use a good antivirus program or Windows Defender. This process will remove all viruses, adware, spyware, malware, and other security threats from your PC. A free tool like AdwCleaner or Ultra Adware Killer can also help.

5. Switch to incognito mode

If surfing the internet in incognito mode, all history data and cookies are automatically deleted when you exit. As a result, you will have a safer internet surfing experience in private browsing mode. You can also set your browser to delete all cookies on exit.