How to quickly identify counterfeit or genuine goods with QR Scanner

Now you can distinguish genuine goods from counterfeit goods with QR Scanner, this application will provide information and authentic pictures of the products you want to buy.

Distinguishing fake or real products is a big headache for people who have no experience in recognizing the differences between fake and real products.

However, the distinction between fake and real products has now been simplified by smartphone applications. Now only with the QR Scanner app, you can distinguish the product on your hand is a fake or real product via a code attached to that product.

Each genuine product has a unique code for that product, and you only need to use the QR Scanner to scan the barcode to see how that product is. Here's how to scan a product QR code with a QR Scanner.

How to identify genuine goods with QR Scanner

Step 1: Download the QR Scanner app, then boot up and put the camera into the app's barcode. Next select Look up to find information about that product.

If the next information appears to be the same as the one you have, it is a genuine one. For added peace of mind, you can click on the website displaying the information of that product to view and check.

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Currently, fake goods appear a lot in the market, especially in fashion items. A lot of genuine products are fake and marketed, and not everyone has the experience of distinguishing counterfeit goods from auth products. Therefore, applications that distinguish genuine products like these are very necessary for consumers.