11 reasons not to buy iPad 2

This madness must have its reasons, and those reasons also have its reasons. In this article, we will learn about completely new reasons why you should not buy iPad 2

TipsMake.com - Press firms have a busy working day. Our company Larry Dignan reports that the iPad 2 will be released on March 2. High-tech industries with collective thinking are collectively known as Techmeme.

This madness must have its reasons, and those reasons also have its reasons. In this article, we will learn about completely new reasons why you should not buy iPad 2, along with six sad reasons that existed from previous iPad 1 articles, including 9 The reason you should not buy iPad right in this Christmas.

We can feel your favorite products, but remember: saving money is another thing. You should keep it in your pocket and only share it with Apple if it gives you something you really need. You lose $ 500-800 just because you've been hypnotized by Apple's exaggeration is not such a good reason. Believe me about this.

Before we take them all back to the ground, let us remind you - at least today - iPad 2 is just a rumor. So when we tell you these things, we all rely on the best rumors available.

When the truth is revealed, we will know more. Meanwhile, let's start.

Reason 1: iPad 3 is coming soon

Yes, we said before that we should not buy the iPad because iPad 2 is coming soon. Now, we say we should not buy the iPad 2 because the iPad 3 is on its way out. That is a reason.

All signs show that the iPad 2 is just an imperfect product, shrinking in size, adding a camera - something that has long been expected, and the display remains the same.

Obviously, Apple has not been able to release the Retina display this spring, so they made an appointment with the public and released the iPad 2.

Remember what I said: if you buy iPad 2 now, you will be extremely disappointed when the iPad 3 was born.

Reason 2: Missing Steve Jobs's attention.

Steve Job's fingerprints were bold on almost all Apple products released in the last decade. He is responsible for paying special attention to not only the unique and impressive features of Apple products but also the limitations of that product.

Apple claims Jobs will still appear in the launch event but if our poor man is ill he will not be able to control his product well as he did - and the question is Does that affect the quality and overall of the product?

Hope Jobs will get better soon, not only because of Apple product quality.

Reason 3: No portable storage device

The press in the past few weeks rumors that iPad 2 will have an SD slot. This, of course, violates Apple's Gestapo principle in setting up hardware design, and it will not be applicable to iPad 2.

Now, it is rumored that the iPad will not have an SD card slot - which makes the iPad 2 stand out from the iPad 1.

Reason 4: You already have an iPad.

Let's face the truth if you're mad at the iPad because you already have an iPad. If you have never bought an iPad, you can now review your account and wait to see what will appear in stores next time.

iPad 2 is just a device. Sure, its RAM will be slightly improved and it can also be thinner and lighter. Yes, we have heard about cameras, but the sad truth is that if you are one of Apple's passionate believers, but you still live in family sponsorship, no one but your mother wants to see your face.

Please know how to save your money.

Reason 5: Competition

Undoubtedly, all electronics manufacturers have seen the success of the iPad. With Apple's potential, no manufacturer can compete with them in terms of both features and prices. As per Jason Perlow's report, no manufacturer has the advantage of a product supply chain like Apple.

But the past is not synonymous with the future and certainly Apple will encounter interesting competitors, especially partners like HP Palm and Android. Of course the current Android tablets are not really worth mentioning, but in the future they will definitely be formidable opponents.

At that point, you might want to search for an open device that allows you to use your hardware the way you want without needing 'Mr. Apple' to use it now.

Yes, except for passionate Mac fans, we all know this.

Reason 6-11: The same things are many

Regardless of how Apple introduced a new product to be expected, and even if you consider it a national holiday, the fact that this event is still advertised only.

There are still many limitations in the iPad. Back to the article about 9 reasons not to buy the iPad before, we will present to you a brief list of the frustrations that the iPad has been and continues to bring.

Reason 6: There is still no USB port

Reason 7: You still have to use iTunes

Reason 8: There is still a way to sync your bookmarks wirelessly

Reason 9: Kindles are still cheaper

Reason 10 : You can still only run Apple-approved software.

Reason 11: It still cannot be used as a standalone computer

That is eleven reasons. If you don't own an iPad, iPad 2 might be worth buying, especially if you want to lose $ 600 to get the best interface of Angry Bird game ever.

Someday, your mother might ask you to live separately and that money could be used to pay rent (or buy iPad 3).

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11 reasons not to buy iPad 2

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