The memorable product presentation presentations by Steve Jobs

In the history of Apple, every time Steve Jobs came on stage, everyone was silent because they knew he was preparing to unfold the mystery to introduce something great. Each time it is a new product of Apple was born and all have the ability to move people's hearts and turn the industry that it participates in.

In the history of Apple, every time Steve Jobs came on stage, everyone was silent because they knew he was preparing to unfold the mystery to introduce something great.

Each time it is a new product of Apple was born and all have the ability to move people's hearts and turn the industry that it participates in.

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Introduced the first Macintosh in 1984

In January 1984, Steve Jobs introduced the first Apple Macintosh to 3000 spectators. Andy Hertzfeld recorded that moment as follows:

'Hysterical crowd when the demo is complete. Steve has the widest smile I've ever seen on his face. Certainly he was trying to contain the tears when he was overwhelmed by that moment. The applause applauded remained uninterrupted for 5 minutes, until he calmed the crowd down. '

This computer has gone down in history as the first commercially successful personal computer with a mouse and a graphical interface.

Introducing the first iMac in 1998

iMac is a computer marking the return of Steve Jobs and also to mark the era of Internet with 15 ″ screen, processor speed 233 MHz, 32 MB memory, hard drive capacity of 4 GB , equipped with CD-Rom drive with 24x read speed, 2 USB ports and available speakers.

Especially, the iMac is equipped with a 100 Mb Ethernet port, equipped with a 33.6 K modem, which is the external Internet connection interface for almost all PCs sold at that time. Another interesting thing is that the cover of the iMac is transparent enough to see the entire inside of the machine, to see how a ' wonder' works.

Introducing Apple Store in 2001

In 2001, Steve Jobs introduced Apple's sales system: Apple Store, opening the door to more than 300 of Apple's worldwide stores today. Unlike a regular electronics store, this is truly a wonder of installation and design art.

Fans don't consider the Apple Store to be a store that considers it a 'mecca' every time Apple releases a new product, the pilgrim will return. People come here not only to buy, but also where they can experience the most subtle things that Apple has created. Steve Jobs said:

'Because people don't just want to buy personal computers, they want to know what they can do with them.'

Introducing the first iPod in 2001

Also in 2001, Steve Jobs released the iPod. Only 2 and a half minutes to generalize all issues of the digital music industry and then lead listeners to music devices that change the whole industry. Apparently, iPod is not the first music player, but it is the most successful music player ever.

To do this, in addition to solving the outstanding problems of music players on the market, Apple can do more. For the first time, music lovers no longer have to buy an entire CD but can only buy 1 favorite song on iTunes for 99 cents and the song can instantly be synced to iPod via a standard. New arrival invented by Apple: Firewire.

Firewire speeds up the transfer of music to devices faster, rather than waiting for hours to copy music through the USB 1.0 standard at the time. Equipment - Content - And how to transmit and distribute, these 3 things are also the core of iPhone success.

Introducing the iPod nano in 2005

Previous iPod models to contain thousands of songs had to use a hard drive. However, the hard drive is also a drawback when Apple designs must consider stability and durability when using iPod on the move.

At a time when a popular USB device was only a few hundred MB to 1GB, the existence of a compact music player, 4GB of capacity, a color screen and no longer having to worry about ' throwing away' is worth it. amazing.

Introducing iPhone in 2007

The rumors of Apple making the phone have been around for a long time, but it was not until 2007 that Apple actually reinvented the phone. iPhone has for years developed other Smart Phone companies' technology to throw in garbage. They are forced to beat and redo all to follow the new standards that Steve Jobs and his colleagues have created.

Best of all, the App Store opened for an era of software distribution under a new standard. Apple has turned iPhone and iOS into the most attractive platform for developers ever.

Introducing the Macbook Air in 2008

'Something in the air' is Apple's tagline before Steve Jobs posts. At that time, the whole world was following the trend of Netbook (compact notebook) with a series of cheap products from Taiwan's technology companies.

Apple has reshaped the trend with a classic design: behind the beautiful exterior is the power to defeat any Netbook on the market. Why should we accept low performance in exchange for a reduction in weight of 1.2 Kg? Apple can do better than that!

Introducing iPad in 2010

There have been many attempts to make tablets but failed and were not accepted by the market. It all changed when Apple took the lead.'Unusual' is so amazing that it is incredible . ' 'A dream' is the words Jobs describes about the iPad.

Open your own game and lead the whole market to follow. Apple has confirmed its position with 90% of the tablet market share so far.

Introducing iCloud in 2011

iCloud is a strategy for integrating and syncing all data on Apple devices using cloud computing technology. The boundary between fixed, mobile, entertainment and working spaces will gradually be erased when all data is accessible anytime, anywhere on any device. iCloud will officially launch on October 12.

Steve Jobs is not only a person with an open vision, extraordinary creativity but also a master on stage. The audience is always attracted and attentive to swallow every word of Steve whenever he steps up.

The art of storytelling by words, images and by what he and his colleagues have done has pushed many people ' lost' into Apple's world, the world of beautiful products, bringing to life. Great experience is hard to forget. Why is it an " apple bite" ? Because that's when you took a bite, it was so good that you would want to take a second bite and bite again . just like that .