10 Unexpected benefits from using air purifiers

Air pollution in your own home has a negative impact on health, both in the short and long term, not inferior to the outside environment.

1. Clean the air in homes where there are smokers or fireplaces

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Whether you're a smoker, or living with a smoker, owning an open fireplace, the levels of carbon monoxide (CO) and other toxic chemicals you breathe are very high. Tobacco smoke can cause serious health side effects such as bronchitis and asthma. Secondhand smoke can also harm children, making their lungs more vulnerable.

The air purifier has the ability to remove harmful components of cigarette smoke, or fireplace, charcoal. The standard HEPA filter can remove more than half of harmful particles, as cigarette smoke gets trapped in the filter. This also eliminates the harmful risks of secondhand smoke, if you live with a smoker.

2. Relieve asthma symptoms by removing dust in the air.

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Asthma is characterized by constriction of the chest, which can cause shortness of breath. Asthma tends to get worse when stimulated by a number of animal allergies, dust mites and mold spores. These harmful irritants can be removed with an air purifier, which helps to reduce asthma attacks.

When operating, the air purifier will screen particles in the air, preventing dust accumulation by removing them before settling down. This helps the health of users better, especially for asthma patients.

3. Handling natural gas accumulated in the house

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We are constantly surrounded by natural gas produced by organic materials, from carbon monoxide in breath to radon from the environment (such as soil, rock and water). The buildup of some of these natural gases can have harmful effects, such as when radon. Radon flies into homes and workspaces through gaps in the floor or cracks of bricks and plaster.

With an air purifier, toxins cannot accumulate in your home thanks to the air being filtered clean and continuously. That means you will be less exposed to the more damaging factors.

4. They reduce pollution from diesel exhaust

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Although opening a window can bring in fresh air, it can also bring in harmful gases from the outside environment, especially if you live near a busy street, full of vehicles and other vehicles. food stall.

Particles generated by vehicle engines have been shown to have significant health consequences, according to the WHO warning (World Health Organization). To reduce the impact of these indoor pollutants, an air purifier is an appropriate choice to filter particles from the air to prevent you from inhaling them.

5. Protect people from viruses and illnesses

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Having an air purifier helps keep people at home vulnerable from the spread of bacteria and some viruses. By cleaning the air, it can protect the elderly and young children from bad influences.

Because viruses often spread through the air, especially when sneezing and coughing, air purifiers will reduce the bacteria in the air we breathe. Although it cannot eliminate the risk of transmission and contamination through surface bacteria, they will greatly reduce the risk.

6. Helps reduce allergic reactions by eliminating irritants in the air

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We are constantly surrounded by potential allergens, both outside and inside our homes. For example, from pets, pollen, dust mites and mold spores.

By removing particles from the air, emitted by animals and other allergens, air purifiers help reduce unpleasant symptoms.

7. They help reduce indoor carbon dioxide levels

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Our homes always contain the amount of carbon dioxide generated from the breath (of both pets). If you do not ventilate your house, this concentration will increase. This leads to feeling drowsy and dizzy because the body is not receiving enough oxygen.

With air purifiers, fresh air will constantly circulate indoors, meaning the oxygen content will be higher. This will effectively reduce carbon monoxide levels and improve your quality of life and health at home.

8. Reduce odors around the house by keeping the air fresh

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There are some odors that many people dislike, coming from cooking or from pets. If you can't easily ventilate your home, then the air purifier can help somewhat.

Although these odors are simply annoying, removing them will provide better health in the long run.

9. Air purifier helps to remove harmful animals

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Air cleaners can remove insects and some hard-to-remove bugs like dust mites and mosquitoes. Both are annoying species when living with, especially mosquitoes with high risk of transmission.

10. Help improve mood by providing fresh air.

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It has been shown that using an air purifier can lead to a more positive mood for users, making them less agitated by breathing fresh air. It also helps minimize seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Air filters that support ionization should be used, creating negative ions.