10 Business Ideas How You Can Earn Remotely as a Student

The money factor has always been critical for students. Yet, previous generations could focus on studying rather than earning.

 Today's students feel insecure if they don't have enough money to meet their needs. When a student asks himself, where to go for help to write my paper when you don't have enough money and don't want to become heavily indebted.

That's why they always seek ways to earn some cash and, let's be honest, can be quite creative in finding ways to do that. The Internet has made it easier for them to showcase their skills and find people to turn into their clients.

In this article, we'll review a few remote opportunities for students to earn some cash. Here they are.

Online Tutoring

The best thing you can do during the pandemic is to share your knowledge with people who need help in learning. Remote education is a great way out in the situation like we have with COVID-19, but many people have more questions than answers.

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Thus, if you are really great at Math, History, Literature, or any other discipline, online tutoring is something you should try. This occupation is both rewarding and money-bearing. Just a few hours per day will guarantee a stable income for you.

To connect with clients, all you need is a good internet connection and software like Zoom or Skype. There are lots of features now that can make remote tutoring as effective as face-to-face tutoring is.


Essay Writing

Given the fact that many students have trouble writing academic papers, you could earn decent money on helping your friends out. The more assignments you complete, the more famous you become. Such a way of earning can bring you some cash at first; however, it can grow into a proper company pretty soon.

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Of course, the quality of writing matters a lot. Yet, if you know how to complete academic assignments and get high grades for your essays, it won't be a problem for you to help friends whose writing skills are not so great.



There are many ways to earn money on the Internet. Yet, one of the most popular is to write your blog. Be it a website or an Instagram page, once you have a loyal audience, you'll get a chance to monetize your online activity.

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However, it really matters how you treat your audience. Do not try to sell some stuff that you wouldn't use yourself. Instead, focus on providing quality content and useful advice to your followers. That's what people really appreciate.


Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website with traffic, why not use it to grow your income? Affiliate marketing works in different ways; nevertheless, it always brings good money if it is successful.

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Let other brands use the space on your website and earn some cash per click. Write blog posts with informative content and a link to the business page you market. The more people you turn into visitors, the more money you get.


Website Development

Students who are interested in design and website development can earn money by helping others create a beautiful webpage for their projects. What you need to do is to get fundamental knowledge of platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Spotify. The rest depends on the client's needs.

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Website development has been largely simplified. Today, those who are far from programming and coding can create no less attractive web pages. You can be the one who earns money by doing this. All you need is to give it a try.


Software Development

If you are good at programming and coding, short-time freelance software development projects can ensure you a sustainable income. However, of course, you should take only those projects that you are certain 100% you can complete.

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Many companies have moved online during the pandemic, and they seek people who can help them meet their business needs by creating small software to automate certain processes. If you are disciplined enough to take the order and complete it within the given time, you'll be successful in this niche.


Mobile App Development

Another trend that can be used as a successful business idea for a student is to start developing mobile apps. People are switching their activity to mobile devices. That's why the number of app development orders is only growing.

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Therefore, if you can work with iOS and Android operating systems, creating mobile apps, you can make money on such projects. All you need to do is to target the right customer and try to meet all their requirements, crafting a beautiful app.


Content Creation

Since the online industry is booming, people prefer reading about the product over consulting someone. Because of it, a business wins if it provides excellent content for its customers and web page visitors. It should be entertaining, informative, and interesting to catch clients' attention.

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If you are good at content creation, be it graphic, visual, or written content, you can try this business idea. Great content is worth its weight in gold now. If you are sure you can compete in the field, do not hesitate to try.



Creating an online store and getting yourself involved in a dropshipping business is no longer something beyond imaginable. Today, this is the type of business that promises lots of opportunities and a good income. If you are good at marketing and sales, you should consider this opportunity.

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Dropshipping does not require you to be a producer. All you need is to contract with suppliers and inform them whenever a purchase is made on your website. The rest is their job to do.


Virtual Assistant Services

If your time management, prioritizing and planning skills are on the top, you can try yourself in the position of a virtual assistant. Small and medium businesses are now in need of people who can organize their paperwork and manage calendars at a reasonable price. Having a full-time front-desk officer is something small companies can't afford these days.

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If things go well, you can become a manager or a coach for virtual assistants in your own agency. Since the need for such help is only growing, you'll have a stable income.

These 10 business ideas are the most prospective ones. Yet, there are lots of other occupations that can generate money for you without making you go to the office. All you need is to research the market and keep abreast of trends.