Steve Jobs' wicked wife: 'I work to honor what my husband has left and will spend my life doing it.'

Steve Jobs deeply influenced the career of his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs. She vowed to spend her life to continue the mission he was unfinished.

Laurene Powell Jobs met Apple founder Steve Jobs when she was a 25-year-old student at Stanford Graduate Business School. They married in 1991 and were together until he died of pancreatic cancer in 2011.

'I grew up with Steve Jobs,' Ms. Power Jobs once told The New York Times, 'just like you, when you share your life with someone, you get a sharing and strong empathy. We had a very beautiful and deep connection together. '

When Steve Jobs died of cancer in 2011, Powel inherited his entire fortune, including 5.5 million shares at Apple, and 7.3% of the shares at Walt Disney Studios.With a net worth of $ 14.4 billion at the time, Powel Jobs became the 4th richest woman in the world.

Currently, she is a successful businessman with a fortune of up to 25 billion USD.Particularly among the businesses she owns are Emerson Collective, named after Ralph Waldo Emerson, a social impact organization, investment and charity, supporting education-related policies. and immigration reform, social justice and environmental conservation.She said her current job is heavily influenced by her husband, Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs' wicked wife: 'I work to honor what my husband has left and will spend my life doing it.' Picture 1

'One of the things I learned from him is that we must not accept the world in which we were born fixed into any image.With willpower and concentration, we can completely change the whole world, '' she told Times magazine.

In other words, anyone can make changes in the community, society or even affect the world.

Emerson Collective's activities are a way to realize that mission.For example, in 2015 she launched College Track - a program that helps students complete a bachelor's degree program.For her, the school was the exit for many of the students who worked with her and College Track would help provide them with a broader, more useful knowledge than the books around them. 'effectively deploying resources'.

Throughout his life, Steve Jobs has never accumulated wealth, even the house his family lived in was very modest.He is famous for being generous and very active in charitable and social activities.'I do this to honor his mission.I wish to dedicate my life to doing my best effectively, in a way that helps individuals and communities sustainably '.

Power Jobs also added that she doesn't care about inheritance, so she has no intention of leaving her estate to her three children (Eve, Erin and Reed).

'If I live long enough, I will also contribute all that money with my life,' she shared.