Simple way to clean and preserve jewelry

All you need to know to keep your jewelry new and shiny.

Jewelry is one of the most popular items used by many people, including men and women. However, the surprise is that not everyone knows how to preserve them to be shiny and new just like when they buy.

According to Tiral Kamdar - CEO of TrueFacet - an online destination for those who want to buy jewelry products and watches that have been used by others, these items, if not carefully preserved, will be very easily damaged and "degraded", and avoid contact with environmental, chemical and cosmetic factors.

How to clean jewelry


Diamonds are one of the hardest and most durable substances on Earth. Perhaps for this reason they are also easy to clean up!

According to Kandar, you can put some soap in warm water, then, soak the diamond in this mixture for at least an hour to reduce the adhesion of the dirt. Continue, scrub the top, sides and inside of the diamond using a soft toothbrush.

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Once you have completed the above steps, rinse the diamond with water, dry it with a paper towel and shake it gently so that the water does not settle in the gaps.

High quality silver

Unlike gold and platinum, silver jewelry hygiene requires you to be more careful. Use a special, specialized wiping cloth or you can add drops of varnish to wipe away the dirt.

Gold and platinum

Thanks to its soft nature and easy to laminated, you can easily clean gold and platinum jewelry with a microfiber cloth (a synthetic fiber). However, if you want to polish them, you should bring them to a prestigious goldsmith.


Although you can buy products or homemade home cleaning solutions to clean jewelry made from gemstones, however, Kamdar completely does not support this way. Some gems like emeralds and opals should never be cleaned in normal ways. It is best to bring it to the jeweler if you want to clean it.


Even mucus on the skin can cause pearl damage. So wear them on the last person when you wear makeup and put them down first when you get home. Never leave hairspray or perfume on pearls and use a soft cloth to clean them after each use.

Types of jewelry attached to costumes

Since these types of jewelry are usually made from synthetic materials of metal and gemstones that are bonded together, it is best to keep them clean. Because water only makes those adhesives loose and cause rust.

If you want to clean, it's best to use a soft cloth and then dry them immediately.

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Methods of preservation


Always store diamonds away from other items as they can scratch gold or stone jewelry.

Premium silver, gold, platinum and precious stones

It is best to store each type separately in their original soft bag or container.


Keep the pearls in a jewelry box with a soft cloth inside. Also, do not hang them on the rack.

Jewelry attached to the costume

Kamdar recommends that you preserve them with each type, such as bracelets, collars, rings or brooches that come together rather than being put in the same box.