How to Find a High Paying Technology Job

Following a career path in technology is a smart employment decision. As the technological landscape changes, software engineers, IT consultants, security administrators and analysts set up and improve this cutting-edge science. If you...
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Technology Education/Experience

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    Choose your educational path according to which technology jobs are expected to see positive job growth. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics lists most jobs and their expected growth in the next 8 to 10 years. For example, in 2012, information technology consultants, data scientists, cloud architects, search engine specialists are expected to see job growth at a rate much faster than the national average.
    1. Expected growth industries change a little every year, especially in the technology sector where new platforms and programs create new types of jobs. Do extensive research before you enter school. Search online for articles about high-growth technology jobs, read business and technology journals and discuss job growth with people you know in the technology sector.
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    Complete your degree. While there are some technology jobs that do not require a 4-year degree, this is the standard for engineering, administration and software development. Consider Management Information Systems (MIS), Computer Science or Software Engineering.
    1. Popular jobs that only require a 2-year degree include graphic design, web development and computer support specialties.
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    Work on open-source platforms or intern to get experience. What might surprise many new college graduates is that some of the best places to work in technology look for passion in their employees. Fostering new ideas and contributing to larger projects will show you to be a creative, driven employee.
    1. When you are looking for a tech job, you want to be able to express how you are a better choice than the dozens to thousands of other applicants for the job. Working on pet projects, open source platforms or on research may give you an edge on the competition.
    2. If you are a budding developer, try to become versed on Android, iPhone, the Cloud and JavaScript. You can specialize later on; however, you may develop a talent and passion by trying several systems.
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    Choose a job path based on its starting salary. IT auditors, data modelers, software engineers, network security administrators and data analysts can earn a starting salary into 6 figures. If you find a high-paying job that you want to work toward, take electives while in school and choose jobs that give you experience in the field.
    1. There is some risk to choosing an educational path based on 1 job, since the tech industry can change greatly in 2 to 4 years. However, once you've graduated, you can begin to work toward your high-paying job by making calculated employment and experience choices.
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    Get 2 to 5 years of applicable experience in your field to increase your salary. Few tech people get to start off as a software developer, data modeler or IT auditor. Apply for an entry-level job as an assistant analyst, junior web developer, data manager or assistant applications developer.
    1. Some jobs, such as applications and cloud architects require 8 to 10 years of applications development experience.
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    Stay atop of the most current technology information in your field. Employers will look for people who are on the cutting edge of the industry. As you go through school and long after, try to read technology websites and journals so you can discuss new technology thoughtfully.
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Technology Employment Strategies

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    Move to technology hubs to increase your salary and job prospects. New York City and Silicon Valley will always have a high number of tech jobs. Other growing tech hubs include Portland, OR, Denver, CO, Salt Lake City, UT, Minneapolis, MN, Boston, MA, Baltimore, MD, San Diego, CA, Seattle, WA, Cleveland, OH, Chicago, IL, Dallas and Austin, TX and Atlanta, GA.
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    Find a technology recruiter. Technology recruiters or head hunters are still used widely in the technology sector. In fact, many major companies like Apple and Google almost always use recruiters to find employees, rather than posting listings in the traditional way.
    1. Recruiters do the work of seeking out high-paying jobs for you, and they make money by receiving a fee for finding excellent employees. Market yourself to several recruiting companies based in your area. You never know who will have the best contacts, and they can also help you to improve your resume and interviewing skills.
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    Post your resume online. Recruiters look for tech professionals on Monster, Career Builder, Craigslist and other websites.
    1. In order to optimize your resume on search results, use the word "resume" in the body of the document. Also, specify all applicable experience, including buzz words like "software," "Android" "data analysis" and other descriptive words.
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    Research jobs with the highest-paying tech companies. One way to ensure you start in technology with a high-paying job, is to aim to work for those companies that report high starting and median salaries. Search for jobs with these companies on their websites, on job boards and by contacting their human resources department and talent acquisitions manager.
    1. Information on these companies is often listed in articles on the Internet. In 2012, the highest-paying tech companies were Nokia, Intel, eBay, Oracle, Google, Adobe, Yahoo, Nvidia, Salesforce and Microsoft. You should assume that any companies listed in these articles will have the largest competition for high-paying jobs.
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    Move to management or senior level positions at a company. Seek and apply for promotions internally. Even as you seek other, more profitable work, it is good to show that you have been found to be a valuable employee who can hold a senior role.
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    Consider seeking a master's degree in computer science or business administration. Achieving this level of education can help you move up to an administrative or architect role more quickly.