Hide blemishes with lipstick

The secret to flaws that don't lose your charm is to not pay too much attention to it and accept it as a trait.

Few people are completely satisfied with the contours of their face. The secret to blemishes not to lose your charm is to not pay too much attention to it but accept it as a unique feature and you can also improve it somewhat with Make-up techniques.

Hide blemishes with lipstick Picture 1 Hide blemishes with lipstick

How to apply makeup to hide facial blemishes with lipstick



Use light colored foundation to draw a line on the bridge of the nose. On the sides, apply two lines darker than the foundation. Blend well so as not to create separation between skin areas. If the wings of the nose are large, you can also use dark powder to make it smaller.

The above method helps the nose appear taller and slimmer, but if you are not used to your hands, the face will be stiff and unnatural. Therefore, you can apply another method of applying makeup that emphasizes a beautiful feature on the face such as eyes or lips to draw attention away from the nose area.


Small eyes

Use a dark brown pencil that is not sharp to draw 2/3 of the lower lashes, from the outside to the inside, not too close to the bottom of the eyelashes. Leave the upper eyelid intact or line it with a watery eye, from the inside out with the same length. The eye part is painted with a neutral color, the part close to the eyelid and the tail is pressed with a dark powder of the same tone, the eyes will appear larger and deeper. In addition, need to curl eyelashes and brush Mascara.

In addition, you should take care of your eyebrows. Open eyebrows, without "undisciplined" fibers and not too close to the eyes also make the eyes bigger and brighter.



Apply liquid eyeliner on both upper and lower eyelids. Eyeshadow with deep colors without shimmer. Do not curl lashes before applying Mascara.


Round face

Need to create an angle with light and dark, for example, use a lighter shade than the background color for the T-zone - the forehead between these legs and the nose, use a darker shade of the foundation for the U-zone - below the cheekbones, jawline. Apply blush diagonally from the cheekbones to the temple. Draw the eyebrows slightly horizontal instead of curved down.

In case the face is too long or square, you can also use dark pastels to correct it. However, this method requires quite high technique, so you can replace it by choosing the right hairstyle.


Thin lips

Use more lip gloss to create plumper lips. You should avoid choosing bold lipstick colors because it will make the lips thinner. You can also cheat the lip line, but only a little bit and be very clever.