Answers Find Out the Quiz level 1 - 5

To find out the Find Out Quiz section, you can check out the Find Out quiz solution in this article.

Find Out - Find something & Hidden objects, also known as Vietnamese Find Out - Find hidden items. A puzzle game in the genre of finding objects in familiar photos is very attractive to players.

Find Out is a game released with the Brain Out - Focus App, an illogical puzzle game that is causing many people a headache when they find answers to extremely tough questions.

Find Out is also a puzzle game, but instead of answering questions with the given image, players will have to find the hidden objects and images in each puzzle. The game is divided into different sections such as finding hidden pictures, finding the differences between two pictures, finding hidden pictures according to separate themes . 

Especially in the Puzzle section, this part is more special than the usual parts. It requires the player to think logically and link images and objects in the puzzle to find the hidden object and the difficulty level will be harder than the other parts.

What is the Find Out Puzzle game?

The Find Out Puzzle Mode also requires the player to find hidden objects in the image. However, you'll have to use the objects in the puzzle with other objects in the image to find the last hidden item the question asks.

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For example, like above, want to take the pirate's hat sitting on the chair. You need to burn the map, he will panic to see the map burned and fall asleep. The hat falls off and you can take it.

In general, the items you need to find in Puzzle mode will have items you can get right away. And there are also items that you need to take longer to find.

Video of Find Out answer part on Puzzle level 1 - level 5

Above is the Find Out answer to the Puzzle section, if you have thought and tried the ways but still cannot find hidden items, please see the Find Out answers above.