What is the true durability of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip after this horrific torture?

Besides Motorola Razr, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the most folding screen smartphone on the market today.

Besides the Motorola Razr, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the most interested folding smartphone on the market today with a strong configuration, beautiful design and good body shell quality. In terms of durability, the Galaxy Z Flip has had a relatively impressive display while still 'surviving' and working normally after a drop test from a height of about 1.8m. Only the back is cracked, broken, which is unavoidable for a device with a glass back.

But just the drop test is not enough, expert "torture" smartphone JerryRigEverything recently had a 'torture' horrifying display with a smartphone of 'golden branches and jade leaves' of Samsung to see public toys Technology is more than 30 million is really durable how.

Because it is a folding screen smartphone, the durability of the panels on the Galaxy Z Flip is a top concern. During the product launch ceremony, Samsung confidently announced that Galaxy Z Flip has significantly overcome the disadvantages on the Galaxy Fold, which is to minimize scratches during use thanks to the toughened glass. The ultra-thin protective coating on the top is called 'Ultra Thin Glass', instead of plastic like on other folding screen smartphones - a technological breakthrough.

However, the actual test of JerryRigEverything showed that the screen of Galaxy Z Flip was not as strong as expected. The panel of the device is scratched at the first 'torture' level and heavier at the second level. JerryRigEverything even tried using his fingernails to act on the panel and immediately left a mark - something that could hardly appear on a glass screen. Immediately the question of whether the actual Galaxy Z Flip screen is still covered with Polyimide (PI) is laid out.

What is the true durability of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip after this horrific torture? Picture 1

In the torture test, the device's OLED panel performed well when there were no signs of any cracks. However, this shows that the screen is not covered with glass as the manufacturer says.

Switch to the screen burning test screen with a lighter. The display appears yellow spots, but disappears after a few seconds, and the burnt area can still be sensed normally.

The edge of the Galaxy Z Flip has nothing outstanding, easily scratched when affected by hard, sharp objects. However, the fingerprint sensor still works fine after using a surface coating razor. The back and protective glass camera is also very solid, hard to scratch.

At the last torture screen - bend - Galaxy Z Flip cracked protection at the first attempt, quite regrettable. However, the plus point is that the folding screen of the device still works normally.

So after the rough test of YouTuber JerryRigEverything, there aren't too many outstanding points when it comes to the durability of the Galaxy Z Flip. Instead, Samsung will have to face the big question about the 'Ultra Thin Glass' technology it introduces, is this really glass?