What is nano curcumin? What is curcumin in turmeric?

What is nano curcumin? What is curcumin in turmeric? Let's find out the solution with TipsMake.com.

Turmeric starch has long been used by many people, not only to treat stomach diseases but also to help beautify the skin, prevent and support the improvement of many other diseases such as cancer, arthritis, etc. is thanks to the curcumin ingredient found in turmeric.Currently, to improve and enhance the effectiveness of curcumin in medicine and aesthetics, curcumin has been prepared in the form of nano.So what is nano curcumin?We will find out in this article.


  1. What is nano curcumin?
  2. Is nano curcumin good?
  3. Does nano curcumin have side effects?
  4. Should nano nano curcumin drink?

What is nano curcumin?

Curcumin is rich in turmeric, an active ingredient that determines the value and effects of turmeric.Science has proven that curcumin has great effectiveness in preventing and treating diseases such as cancer, anti-inflammatory, stomach treatment, hepatitis, skin beauty .

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Although curcumin has many practical effects on the user's body, it is a pity that curcumin in turmeric or turmeric starch is usually very large in size and insoluble in water.Therefore, it is very difficult for the human body to absorb it into the bloodstream to fully utilize its effects, so the effectiveness of curcumin is also reduced and it is often a long time to see the change.

With the desire to make full use of the curcumin's values, scientists have worked hard to find the key to absorb it into the blood, which is nanotechnology. nanoscale - one billionth of a meter (10 - 9m) means micro size).

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Nano curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric starch formulated in the form of micro particles with the size in nanometers (nm), capable of passing through the gaps of cells when entering the body and distributed evenly into the bloodstream, helping to absorb thousands of times better than taking turmeric or ordinary turmeric.

Is nano curcumin good?

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Many people will wonder if nano curcumin is so different from conventional curcumin. What effect does nano curcumin have on the body?If you have the same question, the next part of this article will really surprise and admire the comprehensive effects of this active ingredient on the body.

Effect in preventing and treating cancer

Cancer originates from the body's release of free radicals that cause normal cells to turn into cancer cells and multiply quickly.Nano curcumin has strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect, reduces and inhibits the activity of NF-kB, reduces some inflammatory cytokines such as TNF, IL-1, IL-2 . so it is effective in prevent cell mutation, reduce proliferation of cancer cells, reduce cancer cells in the body.

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Not to mention, nano curcumin also has a great effect of promoting the production of immune cells and promoting programmed cancer cell death,thereby helping the body have the ability to fight off the agents. cause disease.It contributes to inhibiting and preventing the formation of blood vessels leading to the self-destruction of cancer cells.

For people who have cancer and are undergoing radiation therapy, nano curcumin increases the sensitivity of cancer cells to radiotherapy agents, so when used in combination with cancer treatment, nano curcumin will reduce the dose. and the toxicity of radiotherapy, which reduces unwanted complications and side effects.In addition, it also effectively prevents inflammatory factors, reduces side effects after radiotherapy such as nerve pain, fatigue, insomnia, decreased appetite, stomach pain .

The effect of nano curcumin on skin

Curcumin helps reduce skin pigmentation, increase melanin excretion producing melasma and prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, while stimulating the metabolism of blood vessels under the skin, nourishing and speeding up the process. Skin cell regeneration helps skin smooth, youthful, brighter, naturally blemishes.When curcumin is formulated in nano form, it has excellent ability to anti-oxidize the skin, inhibits the formation of melanin pigments and increases the effectiveness of curcumin many times.Users will quickly see the effect instead of having to persevere throughout the year to see a slight change like the regular curcumin.

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Another effect of curcumin on the skin is that it fights the signs of aging strongly.When women turn 25 years old, without careful care, you will quickly see the negative effects of aging on your skin, the most obvious is that the skin structure is gradually sagging, lack of elasticity, the skin around the eyes begin to appear wrinkles, crow's feet . The use of nano curcumin will help prevent and slow down signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots on the skin.At the same time, this stage the body faces problems due to hormonal changes, which leads to the formation of melasma, which makes the skin of women worse.The use of nano curcumin will also effectively improve skin problems from deep within.

The effect of nano curcumin on the liver, lungs, and heart

Nano curcumin penetrates deep into the bloodstream, cleanses free radicals and inhibits pro-inflammatory substances such as COX - 2, prevents vascular lesions such as myocardial hypertrophy, prevents the process of death under the program cardiac muscle cells, metabolize and break down excess body fat, thereby helping to treat the obesity syndrome, blood fat, plaque buildup causing atherosclerosis.Recently, a study published in the American journal Pharmacology found that curcumin extract from turmeric helped reduce the risk of heart attack by 65% ​​in people who had just undergone heart surgery.

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Besides positive effects on people with cardiovascular disease, nano curcumin is also very good for the liver and lungs.Specifically, nano curcumin promotes the formation of liver detoxifying enzymes, especially glutathione S-transferase, inhibits free radicals, protects liver cells, prevents the formation of inflammatory chemicals. (COX-2) should reduce hepatitis, heal scars and damage that causes cirrhosis.Studies have shown that curcumin can inhibit the replication of hepatitis A, B, and C viruses. Particularly for the lungs, it helps to limit and overcome nicotine toxicity when the body has to work in the lips. The school is directly affected by cigarette smoke on the lungs.

In addition to the positive effects mentioned above, curcumin also offers many other health benefits such as:

  1. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, quick scarring, especially scars left after surgery, after childbirth.
  2. Good for blood, enhance resistance for pregnant women and babies.
  3. Support weight loss, reduce belly fat, fade stretch marks, melasma, blood tonic, quickly restore health to women after childbirth.
  4. Reduce symptoms, shorten treatment time for joint diseases such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  5. Improve memory for people with Alzheimer's.
  6. Nano curcumin has the ability to prevent type 2 diabetes by increasing the concentration of diabetes hormones.
  7. Minimize heartburn, indigestion, flatulence, increase bile secretion, make the digestive system work better, improve the symptoms of stomach disease.

Does nano curcumin have side effects?

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Although there are many positive effects in health care and treatment, it is not always possible to take as much nano curcumin as possible.

  1. Curcumin supplement is safe for pregnant and lactating women.However, taking curcummin in large doses during pregnancy can cause menstrual periods, stimulate the lining of the uterus, increase the risk of miscarriage, so consult your doctor before use.
  2. People with hemophilia, diabetes . should not use curcumin because it can make the condition worse.
  3. Curcumin increases bile secretion in the gallbladder to make the digestive system work better.However, an increase in bile secretion is detrimental to those suffering from gallstones or blockage of the bile ducts.
  4. Curcumin can prevent the absorption of iron, so people with anemia, iron deficiency should consider carefully before using curcumin.

Should nano nano curcumin drink?

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Nano curcumin is currently available in many forms but the most common form is oral.So when to take nano curcumin to achieve the best effect?According to the guidance of researchers and doctors, there are two times when nano curcumin exerts its best effect: 10 - 30 minutes before and after meals.Detail:

  1. 15 minutes before meals:This is a 'golden time' for curcumin to promote the ability to strengthen the immune system to help the body fight inflammation, fight bacteria well, and for women who are in the period of weight loss, curcumin also supports extremely effective fat burning aid.In addition, the use of curcumin before meals helps regulate the amount of substance is put into the body, regulating and distributing them to help the body healthier.
  2. After meals from 10 - 30 minutes:This method is suitable for people who are in the period of gaining weight.Drinking turmeric milk at this time will help the body absorb the maximum amount of curcumin and the nutrients in this product help your body stay healthy, reduce the risk of sore throat, arthritis, asthma and especially prevent cancer.

In addition, you should also note a few things during the use of nano curcumin supplements:

  1. Avoid drinking when finished eating, it is easy to cause discomfort, bloating.
  2. Curcumin should be mixed with 40°Cwarm water, absolutely should not be mixed with too hot or too cold water.
  3. Do not use when you are too hungry.
  4. Maintain regular drinking to be healthy, avoid the risk of diseases related to the digestive system such as the stomach .

The information we share hopes to help you have a better overview of nano curcumin as well as the amazing effects of curcumin in turmeric on the body.The use of health care products combined with scientific activities will help you stay young, healthy, ready for a new and more positive life.