Updating Windows 10 in the future will help the machine run faster by patching Specter

The previous Specter patch slowed down, now updating Windows 10 will make it faster.

Your computer has been slower since Microsoft patched the Specter vulnerability earlier this January.Machines from 2015 onwards will be most affected.But now, the new Windows 10 update will remove this obstacle, making it run faster.

This new fix is ​​part of the major update Windows 10 19H1 currently in development.Users can install the unstable version through Windows Insiders, the official version will be released around April 2019.

This information comes from Mehmet Iyigun of Microsoft, currently working at the Windows kernel group.On Twitter, he said Microsoft defaulted on 'retpoline' and 'import optimization' on a new build of Windows 10. These two features "reduce the impact on machine speed in most cases."

It is unclear what 'import optimization' is (temporarily translated as 'optimal import') but 'retpoline' is already used on many Linux machines from January 2018.According to Google, retpoline is developed by Google, a way to quickly block attacks through Specter exploits and 'less impact on machine speed'.

Updating Windows 10 in the future will help the machine run faster by patching Specter Picture 1
The upcoming Windows 10 update will make the machine run faster

Security security researcher Alex lonescu said the speed of sharing many small files has been significantly improved when he experimented on the device.Some benchmark scores show that the device reduced by 23% when sharing many small files, but Microsoft's new patch has helped a lot.

There is another reason you should update to Windows 10 if you are still using Windows 7 (or Windows 8) that Windows 7 is affected by the Specter vulnerability even more, while the patch for faster machines is only available on Windows 10.

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