Tips for playing Rec Room for beginners

Rec Room has a bunch of fun mini-games, offering the same experience as Roblox. It covers a wide variety of games, from sports games like Disc Golf and Archery, to parodies of popular Dark Souls or Five Nights at Freddy's titles.

There's a lot to explore in the games, so here are some tips to start your adventure in the impressive world of Rec Room. While every game is different, these things always apply.

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Tips for playing Rec Room for beginners

Interaction with the surroundings

This is very basic but necessary for winning in most Rec Room games. The interaction is done very well, players can touch and grab almost anything that they see.

Given the actual experience of the game, it is important for the gamer to feel comfortable with the controls. This won't take long, but everything the player does is completely manual.

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The player will have a dorm room after passing the orientation. While here, feel free to mess things up and start collecting stuff. Maybe pick up a basketball on the floor next to a trash can and try shooting it in the small hoop for practice.

People can also climb a ladder and see the whiteboard and some markers. Interact with these for a simple start and ready to start capturing every minigame in the Rec Room.

Try different game genres

A good way for new players to get acquainted with the Rec Room's control scheme is to play a variety of different mini-games. Some may require certain movements, while others require a little more concentration.

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Most games are broken down by genre, which can help players choose games according to their preferences or experience different genres. People can also use the search bar to find topics of interest to them. Feel free to hunt and try lots of different games.

This will allow experimenting with different playstyles and mastering the Rec Room's controls. There aren't many controls so it doesn't take long for players to grasp it. After playing through a few different favorite games, nothing can be difficult for everyone.

Get used to the first-person perspective

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Make sure you get used to the first-person perspective in Rec Room games. If you've experienced a first-person game before, then overall, everyone will be in good shape in Rec Room.

And even if you don't have much experience in first-person games, Rec Room will help players quickly get used to it. There will be a box in the top right corner of the screen, showing the front of the character if a third person is desired.

Always remember, because everyone is playing with the character's eyes, it won't be possible to see everything around in motion.