Laptop 'students': play more do?

The use of laptops in today's lecture halls is no longer a rarity. Many students have conditions to buy their own laptops for work, study, entertainment ... Digital trend is gradually going into the life of children & ec

The use of laptops in today's lecture halls is no longer a rarity. Many students have conditions to buy their own laptops for work, study, entertainment . Digital trends are gradually going into student life.

Laptop - 'production machine' of students' money?

Minh Tien, a former Genetic alumnus, was famous at the school for earning big contracts right from his lectures. As an IT student, Tien and three other friends set up a website design team for companies and individuals.

In the beginning, Tien's contracts were mainly introduced by acquaintances, but after only the first few products, Tien's group was interested by many customers because of the low price and quality of the website. leading company. The work was intensive, but the group of 4 people had only 3 desktop computers. Tien has to find a laptop, both as a web programming tool and to 'demo' the product to customers.

Laptop 'students': play more do? Picture 1

Minh Tien with an old Dell D400

At this time, there were only about 6 million in the bag, plus the amount of money you contributed to 10 million, Tien was forced to choose to buy an old laptop. ' After the consultation, I bought the Dell D400, the configuration is good, durable and affordable. '

Along with this Dell, Tien and his team have won many lucrative contracts. Gradually each person bought himself a new laptop, Tien also bought an Acer to work because the configuration of the Dell was not enough. Tien is currently working at a large software company in Hanoi, but he still keeps his first laptop for use at home instead of a desktop. ' I will keep it forever to remember my student days ,' Tien said.

Not only Tien, a lot of students - especially IT students, were very active in finding extra jobs to earn money. The laptop with them is not only a device, but a tool to make money. 'I really love this Sony Vaio child, I lack the money to go to school,' said Hoang Hai, a fourth-year student at Hanoi Open University. Currently, Hai is collaborating with graphic advertising company QA Hanoi.

. or just for entertainment?

According to our survey of about 20 students using laptops, up to 80% only use laptops for entertainment, surfing the net and chatting. This is understandable, because laptops are a powerful multimedia entertainment device.

The configuration is getting stronger, the price is falling. That is why many students were able to buy themselves a laptop much easier than before. A computer with a relatively strong configuration (Duo Core chip 1.6 Ghz, 1GB RAM, VGA 128MB .) priced at around 900 USD. But with a range of $ 300-500 you can also find yourself an old machine that can meet normal needs.

However, there are still a large number of students, especially those in 'strong' economic families, willing to spend thousands of dollars to buy new laptops with the most 'dinosaur' configurations.

B.Duong, a semi-public school student, is the son of the HR department head of a big company, famous for his 'style'. Right in the first year of school, while the classmates brought notebooks, pens, Duong took laptop to . input the lecture!

Duong is also famous for changing laptops like changing clothes. The first year he was 'rustic' with the BenQ Joybook 2000, only after the first semester did he come up with the tiny Sony Vaio T350 and the most 'top' configuration of that time. The next time is a 'technology race' with dizzying computer replacement. Many friends in Duong's class did not even know what the new laptop's code was, but found Duong replacing a newer one.

As soon as I found out, Duong's aristocratic group of friends always 'ran arms', showing their class with expensive equipment. The latest 'dinosaur' of Yang is Sony USA: VAIO VGN-SZ450N / C, with dual chip Duo Core 2Ghz, 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, costs about 2,400 USD (nearly 40 million dong). ' I always like and update new technology products. ', Duong always told people like that, but is it a passion for technology, or is it just a' crowded chicken 'and other warm guys.

The use of laptops for entertainment purposes is not bad, because laptops or computers are generally devices to serve life. But the fact that many students have not yet made money, depending on the family that keeps up with the technology to express themselves, is probably not encouraging.

Di Tu