Experience in choosing to buy glass ovens

In every family, an oven is an indispensable item to be able to process many delicious dishes for loved ones. In the market, the housewife is always confused when choosing, so you can refer to the article below to buy a quality glass oven right away.

On the weekends, enjoying a barbecue is extremely wonderful. Glass ovens are increasingly popular today because of their convenient features and compact, easy-to-use designs that are reasonably priced.

However, when choosing to buy a versatile oven, you need to pay attention to buying the best glass oven. The housewives can refer to some useful information from the article below to choose the right kind of oven.

Factors to consider when choosing to buy glass ovens:

  1. Glass ovens operate according to the principles based on the heat of the halogen bulb to ripen the foods. However, the halogen bulb is placed on top of the grill, so the food is cooked on one side, and the other may not be cooked. Therefore, when buying a glass oven, buyers need to pay attention, need to buy the type of grill with convection fan, help circulate hot air flow down to the bottom of the oven, thereby making better food .
  2. Currently on the market there are quite a lot of different capacities of versatile grill, but you should choose the grill with a volume of 12 liters or more. And if you can grill a large chicken comfortably, you should choose an oven with a volume of 15 liters.

Experience in choosing to buy glass ovens Picture 1
Halogen oven Tiger Queen MO-02MHG has a capacity of 12 liters

  1. In addition, to be able to meet the needs of baking more types of food, you should choose to buy a 2-tier glass oven, so you can simultaneously bake a variety of foods, speed up the cooking. Some types of glass stoves also have tools to support food baking such as grilled skewers, grills, fish grills, grilled vegetables . separately and more specifically.
  2. Many different temperature levels are also a factor to pay attention to when buying a glass oven, because you will have many different types of baked goods, so the more temperatures you have, the less you will lose. much more successful.

On the market there are many glass oven lines of many prestigious brands such as Tiger Queen, Sunhouse, Sanaky and below are the 3 best glass ovens that you should buy for your family.

Some types of glass ovens are currently the best-selling

1. Sanaky VH 158T / D glass oven - 15 liters


  1. The pot body and lid are made of thick glass with good heat resistance, which helps to cook food quickly and safely.
  2. The oven uses Sanaky's modern heating technology to help the food ripen evenly
  3. Large capacity of 15 liters is suitable for family use, making it easy to process baked dishes

Experience in choosing to buy glass ovens Picture 2
Sanaky VH 158T / D glass oven

2. Sunhouse SH416 glass oven - 12 liters


  1. Using heating technology with Halogen lamp combined with blower to help the heat spread evenly in the furnace
  2. Advanced baking technology, the food is cooked evenly for attractive taste and beautiful colors.
  3. Multi-function can help processing many types such as grilled meat, grilled vegetables, baked, thawed, reheated, roasted, fried .

Experience in choosing to buy glass ovens Picture 3
Sunhouse SH416 - 12 liter glass oven with durable material

3. Tiger Queen glass oven AX-798LV


  1. High quality materials to ensure health safety
  2. Multi-functional design such as spinning, baking, baking, steaming, dehydrating, thawing, vacuum-frying
  3. Feel free to prepare baked goods, roasted dishes, steamed dishes in daily meals or to make sponge cakes, fried banana cakes .

Experience in choosing to buy glass ovens Picture 4
Tiger Queen glass oven AX-798LV can bake all kinds of cookies, cakes, moon cakes, pizza

These are some of the experiences that give you more options when buying a glass oven for your family.

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